Life brings lessons; and the biggest and best lessons are those wrapped in pain. Pain is not a signal to suffer but a signal to grow.

It is not a popular idea, but it is true regardless. The primary reason we make positive and powerful change is pain. The hard reality is that you probably will not do whatever it takes until you get to “enough already.”

In many if not most cases, nothing fails today like the success of yesterday!!

People get too comfortable when they reach the pinnacle. They then are unwilling to get uncomfortable. While I appreciate optimism it has to be harmonized with a healthy dose of realism. These people are most likely will not make powerful and positive change until they get enough pain.

Wait until one of his key team member dies or quits, until one of his major clients or suppliers dump him or he is affected by the rapidly changing technology which hits him out of nowhere, that is when he will be ready to pay the price.

“There’s a big difference between wishing for something and being prepared to receive it.” ~ Napoleon Hill

You see, we often say we want things in our lives but few are willing and ready to pay the price. Most say they want bigger things in their life and business but very few are willing to pay the price necessary for their prize.

There are basically two internal drivers that motivate us to action – quite simply either Pain or Pleasure.

The unfortunate truth is that most will do way more to avoid pain then they will ever do to gain pleasure. This is unfortunate because pain just plain hurts! It is a psychological or physiological signal to rid ourselves of something that no longer serves.

Pain is weakness attempting to leave the body; a signal to let go of some often self-imposed idea, ignorance or weakness that it is past time to move beyond.

Pain is not a signal to suffer… it is a signal to grow!

Experience proves that most will not invest in themselves for growth alone. Some will. Most will not.

You want more money? Money tip #1: stop the frivolous spending. Invest in your own development, advancement and growth.

Warren Buffet knows a thing or three about money as well as investing; and when asked what the number one investment anyone can make he quickly answered, “Their own education.”

The vast majority will spend on impulse for something that makes them feel good in the moment, but are slow, often resistant, to invest in the thing that will make them feel fulfilled for a lifetime.

Many will spend money on what makes them feel good in the moment. But few are willing to invest in what will make them feel fulfilled for a lifetime.

While there is some research to suggest that the way you look has a powerful impact on how you feel, there is just as much research to prove that even those who go to the extremes of surgery or similar do not fundamentally change their self-image.

Your psychology always drives your strategy. There has to be an internal shift before the external will follow. Until this internal shift is made, there will be pain. The pain that consistently signals you to grow.

Make no mistake, this shift takes much more than just study. There is a big difference between study and change. True growth is hard. That is why most avoid it.

They will buy a new car, house, or a new piece of jewelry or electronics for personal gratification in a feeble attempt to bring meaning and fulfillment. But you know as well as I do that these attempts fall flat.

In many if not most cases, nothing fails today like the successes of yesterday. Get a new approach. Change your psychology and strategy.

While this is applicable in every sphere of life, the ones associated with Direct Marketing will strongly vouch for the above statement.

When you have a sense of purpose burning deep within, it compels you forward, and it is not about resting on your laurels.

When you have clarity of purpose you do not quit. I know pain. And I know growth!

Do you?

Lose the fear. Be willing to suffer for your mastery. Nothing great ever came easy. If it is easy, it is not great.

You see, if success, wealth, fulfillment, greatness and mastery were easy… everyone would be world-class! There is a reason why relatively few bring their true greatness to the world.

Be honest… has there ever been a time in your life when there were no challenge or difficulty? When something either small or large was not messy? If you are honest you know the answer is a resounding “No.”

Life is like a gym and the more weights you push, and the more reps you do, the stronger you become. Let no one fool you or sell you otherwise.

Embrace the pain. Harness the pain to grow.

It does not mean you like it or that it is fun – it is not. But you know that it is taking you to greater strength, growth and accomplishment.

Therefore you love the pain for the greatness and growth it brings out in you.

“He who sweats more in training bleeds less in war.” ~ Spartan Warrior Creed

So ask yourself:

What are you committed to in your life and business?

A little food, a little entertainment and a little comfort?

Or becoming a champion for a lifetime?

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