Emotional Freedom Technique & Smoking

Although it is difficult to give up smoking, it can be done. It has been found that EFT is more effective in helping people to stop smoking than hypnosis, cognitive behavior therapy or pharmaceutical drugs – which for many people has undesirable side effects.

Usually three or four repetitions of EFT are needed to install the positive belief about confidence and determination in the first hour. Additionally, the clients should drink sufficient water to flush out the nicotine and other toxins in their body so they do not re-addict themselves with the unhealthy chemical elves still lurking in their blood stream and tissues.

Smoking a cigarette triggers the brain to release beta endorphins, the endogenous morphine molecule that is 27 times more powerful than synthetic morphine. EFT, in addition to influencing other energetic pathways and brain chemistry, also triggers the release of beta endorphins, which produce a profound calming and relaxing effect. This is why EFT is very effective with addictions.

Thus, part of the reason for the success of EFT for smoking cessation is creating and releasing the powerful feel-good molecules through stimulating our energetic anatomy rather than flooding our brain cells and synapses with the impact of nicotine.

Addiction to cigarette is very powerful, but can be overcome through EFT which should ideally be done eight to nine times a day or whenever an addictive urge to smoke begins to take over.