The One Minute Success Principles

The incredibly successful people are not necessarily highly educated or unusually talented. They are mostly pretty ordinary people who are accomplishing extraordinary things simply by capitalizing on their resources of their personal networks. Something else that is very important, they come in all ages. None of them ever believed that they were too young or too old to change their lives and achieve their dreams.

Narrated hereunder are few laws behind those achievements which you can apply in your own personal and business life. Most important, you will come to understand that you have a network of your own, with all of the resources you need to succeed. Good things seem to just “happen” for some people. But nothing just happens in life. The truth is that success comes to successful people because they have learned how to harness the power of these incredible laws. These laws will introduce you to a number of things you can do to succeed in whatever you are doing. None of them take very long; most take one minute and none are difficult.

Law #1: Networking Happens

“Even the smallest motion can multiply into a driving force.”

You can reach a point that your own success will result from who you are, what you do every day and those with whom you connect along the way.

One of the identifiable characteristics common to every successful person is that they are connected in various ways to thousands of others. It is through those connections – a network – that they have built their success.

If they can do so, you can!

Want a proof of that you have already done? Then push the “rewind” button on your life. You will find that just about every important decision you made or opportunity that came your way was influenced by someone you knew and trusted.

It is not necessary to change who you are; you do not need a personality transplant or a large bank account. Just do the things you regularly do throughout your day – every day – use the existing connections in your network, and create new ones. An aspen tree grove with its roots system containing more than 41000 trees is uniquely networked. Like the aspen tree, you send out shoots every day that connect you to other people, including some you do not even know yet.

Since the day you were born you have been building an amazingly powerful network of relationships. These relationships are of your family members, friends and also former teachers, co-workers, neighbors, casual acquaintances, your insurance agent and so on. Now all you have to do is learn to use your network more effectively.

As you tune up your car for smooth running, get your life tuned up using this network. As you effectively utilize all of the connections, you shall realize that your network is your working capital – and there is no credit limit.

Networking is actually very simple. You just act on a natural impulse to help someone else, and graciously accept help when it is offered. Technology has made it possible to make contacts without personal connections. We can contact almost anyone anywhere in the world without having to actually make a personal connection.

So, refresh that network and make those connections. Do not put off when someone’s name comes up to your mind. Just do it now. Renew those friendships. Being an effective networker does not take much time at all, never more than a minute. Life happens one minute at a time. So does networking. Remember: Network = Net Worth.

Law #2: Scarcity vs. Abundance

“The moment one commits oneself, then providence moves, too.”

Scarcity vs. Abundance has little to do with money and everything to do with attitude. Living in scarcity means accepting your circumstances and believing you cannot change them. When you worry about what you do not want to happen, you begin to attract those very things that dull the senses to any kind of innovative solutions to the problems.

Scarcity is not a financial problem – though often that is a result – as much as it is a small, narrow way of looking at life. Even more important, those who live in scarcity usually live with fear: fear of failure (even if they have not failed), fear of success (even if they are successful) and fear of the unknown.

Fear is created because the human mind naturally seeks the familiar and avoids the unknown. Faced with a decision about the future, our minds go back to earlier experiences to find a reference point.

Fear also causes procrastination!

Not moving ahead while we comfortably remain in the past has its own set of risks. If your past includes bad experiences, dwelling on them just replays the fear movie over and over in your mind. It will pull you down until there is no difference between the remembered past and the actual present. If your past is full of good memories, focusing on them instead of facing today can just be as detrimental. You make it impossible to see and plan for the future.

You have to take lessons from the past, but live in the present as you build your future. The future is where all the action is anyway.

People whose lives are constantly difficult are almost addicted to struggle. They are so used to it that if they did not always live in crisis or confusion, they actually would feel uncomfortable. Scarcity – both mindset and the financial reality – can cause you to focus too narrowly on meeting your immediate needs instead of more long-term security.

If scarcity is not a financial problem, abundance is not necessarily a financial bonanza, although it can be. Abundance is a fullness of life, regardless of income, an appreciation for the good things that come to those who see the upside of every circumstance.

Living in scarcity cannot solve problems; neither can it recognize opportunities. Living in abundance means that your contact’s needs must be filled before they can deal with your offer. You just automatically help them first. Therefore when you live in the present, doing everything you can to create success, and you have an eye on your goals for the future, solutions unfold almost in spite of you.

Do not allow yourself to get discouraged by mistakenly thinking your network is not working in spite of doing everything right. Point yourself in the direction of abundance instead of standing at the doors of scarcity

Law # 3: Let Me Think What I Know

“Networking is not magic, but it is Magical.”

We habitually say, “I do not know.” But have you ever thought what difference it can make by answering “Let me think what I know?” You have to dig into your storehouse of information to get the answer which your mind did not know at that moment. You need to think about it first.

Our mind is constantly processing data, like a computer. Scientists tell us we are continually taking in as much as 300 GB of all kinds of information through all of our senses. But we are only conscious of about 42 GB of it. Some would say that is a huge waste of brainpower, but successful networkers will recognize a huge potential to connect with their skills and abilities.

There is almost no limit to what the human brain can do with some training. Your brain has an incredible 100 billion neurons, each of them connected to as many as eight neighboring neurons. That is more capacity than the entire World Wide Web. You can use your head’s search engine to sort through all of the information that is stored there. It can bring to your remembrance everything you have ever seen, every word you have heard, and every person you have ever met. Shifting and sorting your search engine almost automatically will piece together the answers you need.

Take a minute right now and focus on the phrase that says “the moment one commit oneself, then providence moves, too”. You may call it providence, your subconscious mind or something from the X-files, this is a true principle. When you decide to act, other actions begin elsewhere that will take you to your goals.

“Let me think what I know principle” is worth millions in value. So, who do you know? A huge number of people that is WHO! And each of them knows someone else, and they all know someone… You have access to an incredible array of resources if you use this “Let me think what I know” principle. Take a minute and think of the connections you have already. You will discover that you have insight you did not know about.

After all, “insight” is just looking “inside” ourselves to see what we already know; to remember what is already there and retrieve it. You have been taking pictures since the day you were born. You have imagined yourself in those pictures. Now it is time to look through your life’s photo album and relive the positive sights, sounds and emotions that help you make decisions and connect with others. Today is the culmination of your lifetime of experiences that can help you solve any problem.

Whenever you meet someone else, information flows in both the directions. You become acquainted with someone who has a talent or a skill you can use sometime in the future. But that individual also becomes acquainted with you and your skills. Somewhere down the line, without your knowledge and without having to do anything at all, that person will say, “I know someone who …”, and you will be that someone.

By being “out there” minute-by-minute you are positioning yourself to take advantage of opportunities that come along. Do the right thing for those in your network whenever you can and good things will come back.

But you cannot “think what I know” if your brain and your life are cluttered with extraneous noise. It is like trying to think of the melody of a song while another song is playing on the radio. You cannot do it. The loudest sound wins every time, and I am not referring only to music. All kinds of distractions literally force themselves on our time, energy and attention every day.

Try this. Make a list of two distractions you will eliminate this very week so that you can hear opportunity when it knocks. A couple of examples might be TV viewing and cell phone use. It has been estimated that an average person spends 52 full days each year watching television. I am not an anti-TV fanatic. Keep your television; just cut down on the hours and make better use of your time. Keep your cell phones, too. But there are times when a phone call is distracting. Decide when you can turn it off and then – turn it off.

Law # 4: Working the Circle

“You cannot say the wrong thing to the right person”

Everyone understands the terms “circle of friends” and “circle of influence”. But another one we do not recognize is the “Huge” circle of everyone we have ever known, plus all of their people they know. As a One Minute Networker, you will understand the value of this vast circle – this network – and know how to work it to your advantage. Working in circle brings us financial or business opportunities, help in a crisis, or even peace of mind when we need it.

It only takes a minute to call someone in your network that can help you do whatever it is you need to do. Have a clear definition of what you want from someone else. Ask for specific information, not generalities. A weak description will bring a generalized response that is not likely to be useful.

There is another kind of direction to ask about, too. That is the direction your contact is going. We are all on our way somewhere, in transition from one condition to another. Circumstances continually change. Jobs are found or lost, children are born, children leave the nest, illness strikes, people are married – nothing remains the same forever.

Here is a key: at transition points people are most open to change – you can offer that change. People will provide a wealth of information just in casual conversations if you are asking the right questions. The right questions are those that elicit a response containing clues to the contact’s thoughts and circumstances. In a non-threatening conversational style, interview the contact for information. Make every question count!

Examples: How is your family? How is work and do you like what you do? Is business going well? How is your health? Have you done any interesting traveling lately? Obviously there are plenty of other questions.

Find out everything you can about your contact which shall enable you or someone in your network to fulfill what the contact needs. Remember at the very transitional moment they are most receptive to change. Be pleasantly persistent in getting the information, but do get it.

Law # 5: Find Them and File Them

“Success is not just a matter of who you know, but who you are willing to meet.”

Ask yourself this question: “How many people have I walked past today and did not even make an eye contact?” Do know that when opportunity knocks, you have to get off the couch and answer the door. Simply step outside and invite the opportunity to come inside. Go and meet new people all of the time. Remember that people are looking for you. They need what you have to offer. They just do not know it yet.

Very few of us are completely comfortable approaching a total stranger. Start by saying those “H” words: Hi, Hello, How are you? How is it going? Instead of saying just “Hello or “Nice to meet you” or similar greetings, repeat the person’s name. Virtually all people love to hear their own name spoken. Start the conversation with your own. Hi, “I am ……… And you are ………?” The person offers his name - X, so your response is, “Nice to meet you, X. And your business is ………?”

It is easy, it breaks the ice, and it takes only one minute. If your contact speaks softly, reflect that back with a soft tone in your own voice. Someone more outgoing, should find you outgoing and friendly as well. People are always comfortable around those who are like themselves. Be sincerely their reflection in the mirror when you first meet. It will give them confidence and build trust in you.

Success is not just a matter of who you know, but who you are willing to meet. Do not overlook the possibility that any or all of those individuals could bring a small miracle into your life. Our world is a huge web of people. By connecting some of them with each other, we also are connecting them to us. Every time you make one of these connections you become part of someone else’s circle. Every time you create an opportunity for another person, other opportunities spin off and touch other lives that touch other lives. Eventually the connections and the opportunities find their way back to us. You can do one simple thing today that will grow into something amazing days or months from now. Meet five new individuals this week and get enough information about them to add to your expanding network: phone number, e-mail address and occupation. Guess what? Now you are networking!

Law # 6: Top of the Mind

“If people do not know you are in business, you are not in business.”

The secret to success in business is “top of the mind” which means that because of your efforts to spread the message, your name should be the first one that comes up to need a product or service. What is your message? You need to develop your own “advertisement”, your own “commercial” describing what you do. The message you project should be as carefully planned as any company’s advertisement campaign to place you at the “top of the mind”.

Build a network of billboards prompting your message. What does it cost you? Absolutely nothing! But the payoff? Extraordinary!

At least 20 people should see or hear your “commercial” every week. That is the minimum number you must reach to create a lifestyle change you want, with time freedom & financial security. If you get to hear yourself say the “commercial” again and again, which means every time you sell it or tell it, your belief system is reinforced. Take advantage of every opportunity even if you cannot see an immediate gain. Live in the moment – right now, today. Every opportunity will eventually become visible, but you cannot force it.

Law # 7: Casting Your Net

“Send out what you wish to attract.”

The Networker loves share their business or products. They want to be the first to tell you when they find a good thing and is a self-promoter. They are excited, and it shows in what they say and how they say it. With their confident and sincere approach they gather all kinds of people in their net.

When you sell a product or provide a service, you must personally believe it is the very best product or the most useful service in the world. You cannot live without it and so, no one else should either. When you are your own best customer, your enthusiasm will show through in the smile on your face. A smile catches everyone’s attention; it is the easiest way in the world to get noticed.

Do not fall into the “just” trap. Do not phone a contact and say, “It is just me, calling to ……” or maybe it is “I am just following up on ……” Remember, the word “just” is a clear signal that what you are about to say is not that important.

Begin every day with a “call-out” session, a time set aside for making phone calls to some of those in your network who might help you or whom you may be able to serve. The list will change regularly, depending what you are doing, but make the calls whether it takes 15 minutes or an hour. By doing that you are “filling the pipeline”, giving others a reason to contact you. You’re ensuring a certain percentage of callbacks. Do this religiously every day and you will never run out of contacts.

Law # 8: Same Play

“If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”.

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent alone will not change the world; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius alone will not change the world; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not change the world; the world is full of educated derelicts.

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent!

Persistence and determination are easier to sustain if you follow a consistent routine. Discipline is simply remembering what you want. Self-discipline just might be the most critical factor in any kind of success or achievement, and self-discipline is created by routine. Following an established routine that you have prioritized keeps you organized. Being organized means you do not have to waste time rushing here and there; you have time to concentrate on more important things. Develop a routine that allows you to use your time most efficiently.

Each Company study their market, developed the training, create the sales tools and the system is usually in place. So all you have to do is plug that information into your daily and weekly routines and get going. Take advantage of all that free expertise and proven tools to make you more productive.

Keep talking to people. The law of averages will come into play. Do not watch silently and watch others play the game. Use this law to your advantage. I promise that if you stick with your game plan and keep looking for the open man, you will have and be what you dream about.

Do you know what “WIN” stands for? WIN is an acronym for “What is Important Now”. There really are only one or two things we do that make up most of the difference in our lives. It is like the “80/20 Rule of Organizations”. In most sales organizations, 80% of the volume usually comes from 20% of the people. The same ration seems to be true when it comes to our individual income-producing activities.

We can waste our time trying new campaigns and approaches month after month, but what we focus on is what prospers. Most people get sidetracked from their dreams and goals by their self-induced distraction. Winning can be just as frightening to some as losing. Take a minute to look at your day and compare it with your schedule, continually re-evaluating. Commit your daily task list to paper, so you have it constantly in front of you. This will help you be more productive by staying on task & not wasting your time doing busy work. Begin doing the most important things first.

Everything begins with a try. And every failure begins by doing nothing. If you continually do what is important now, you will end your day with much more accomplished.

Law # 9: Expect Miracles

“Nothing is as real as a dream. The world can change around you but your dream will not”.

Whatever may be your present circumstances, expect a miracle. You shall get it. While you have to have lofty long-term goals, do not overlook those smaller opportunities at your feet today. Just as we should not look past opportunities at our feet, we also cannot afford to give up too soon on any of them.

Everything we do seems difficult in the middle. The trick is to force ourselves into action so we can get past the middle to the success that is waiting on the far side. The “what if?” factor holds a great power for fighting the urge to give up easily. Make it an integral part of everything you do.

The Networker knows and understands that giving without expecting an immediate return will one day pay big dividends. It is all about timing. It is patience and understanding that every good act has multiple rewards. But they may not come around next week or even next month.

A stonecutter may have to strike the stone with his hammer a 100 times before the 101st blow splits the stone. That final blow can only be successful because of all those that preceded it. The stonecutter can teach us two things: (1) He does not know in advance how many blows it will take to split the stone and (2) He does know, however, that if does not quit too soon, any stone can be cut.

Networking is very much like stonecutting. You cannot know in advance how many contacts you will have to make or how many meetings you will have to attend before the chisel finally cleaves the stone. But if you keep making those connections – doing the basics over and over – you will succeed. The stone will split for you.

Expect the miracle, plan for the miracle and watch the miracle happen.

Final Thoughts

I promise you that if you can incorporate only one of the above laws into your daily comings and goings; it will change your life. The next 60 seconds are yours. They are always yours. The only way to determine where you will be next week, next year or twenty years from now is to decide what to do with the one minute facing you right now. Hours and days will be productive only when the minutes within them are used wisely.

Do the right thing. Attract Success in a Minute!