Could Correcting Voltage Be the Answer to Curing Disease?

(Courtesy: Dr. Jerry Tennant)

"Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of year." ~ Franklin P. Adams

Interesting question, is it not? It is more than just a question to pose and ponder though. Absolutely no activity occurs in your body without the present of electrical charge. Neurotransmission, cell repair, detoxification and oxygenation/gas exchange all are totally dependent on the presence of the correct voltage to facilitate the activity. To illustrate our ubiquitous dependence on voltage we could say: No Voltage = No Life!! Further to that blatant statement, Low Voltage = Disease!

Due to the diligent work of researchers over the last 100 years we now know for sure that the healthy human cell operates at a voltage of – 25 millivolts and in order for you to make a new cell or repair a damaged cell, the voltage has to be increased to – 50 millivolts of energy. Of course making new cells also requires the availability of all the raw materials (nutrients) to make new cells and the elimination of all the things that damage cells as fast as you can make them. The importance of alkalinity and the pH (potential hydrogen) or acid/alkaline balance is directly related to voltage.

To understand voltage in the body, one must understand the term "pH". When you think about voltage in a copper wire, the switch is either on or off and electrons are either moving through the wire or not. However in a liquid, you have the possibility of the solution to be an electron donor or an electron stealer.

"pH" stands for "Potential Hydrogen". It is a way of talking about the amount of acid and base in our bodies. It is also a way of talking about the amount of voltage in our body. pH is measured on a log rhythmic scale where 0 is the most acidic and 14 is the most alkaline. Seven (7) is considered neutral.

Water (H2O) ionizes into hydrogen (H+) and hydroxyl (OH-) ions. When these ions are in equal proportions, the pH is a neutral 7. When there are more H+ ions than OH– ions then the water is said to be “acid”. If OH– ions outnumber the H+ ions then the water is said to be “alkaline”. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14 and is logarithmic, which means that each step is ten times the previous. In other words, a pH of 4.5 is 10 times more acid than 5.5, 100 times more acid than 6.5 and 1,000 times more acid than 7.5.

Thanks to the work of people like Nickola Tesla and Dr. Jerry Tennant, we now have a direct correlation between Voltage and pH. For example, the blood is strictly kept in the pH range of 7.35 ~ 7.45 and this is same as saying a voltage of – 20 to – 25 millivolts (as you can see on the following chart). An electrical current is characterized by a movement in electrons. In your home, you have copper wires which act as conductors to carry this flow of electrons. If the switch to a circuit is on there is a movement of electrons and this reflected in power, energy, voltage – the light turns on because there is a donation of electrons. If the switch to that circuit is off, there are no electrons moving – no power or voltage.

As you can see from the following illustration, cells are designed to run at a voltage of – 20 to – 25 millivolts (Operating Voltage). This is the same as saying that cells must run in an environment of a pH of 7.35 to 7.45 (different sources vary slightly, so do not get lost about whether it is – 17 or – 20 millivolts and whether a pH of zero is +400 or +420 millivolts).

As said earlier, pH is also a measure of voltage. A pH of 0 is the same as +400 mVolts. A pH of 14 is the same as – 400 mVolts. Cells normally operate at about pH of 7.2 or – 22 mVolts.

In the human body it is a different environment, one that is always moist – in solution. In a solution you can have that solution being an electron donor (alkaline pH) or an electron stealer (acidic pH). While these terms like electron donor and electron stealer are quite foreign to most people, once a voltage is measured using a sophisticated device it can be easily converted to a logarithmic scale called pH. This scale of measurement most people are very aware of. So now that we know that we can use these terms interchangeably, let me give you some examples of donors and stealers as they relate to the human body.

Chronic disease and pain are almost always associated with an acidic pH which is the same as saying that chronic disease and pain are almost always associated with a loss of voltage. Health is associated with the presence of voltage which is the same as saying that healthy people have an alkaline pH.

In the body, being able to hold a charge of voltage is associated with minerals in general and calcium in particular. This is advantageous if you are dealing with serious illness because microorganisms cannot grow in an alkaline pH. Cancer cells have trouble growing with alkaline pH as well.

A salivary pH of 6.5 suggests a cellular pH of 7.2. Thus one has to adjust the cellular pH numbers by about 0.7.

The normal human cell has a lot of molecular oxygen and a slightly alkaline pH. The cancer cell has an acid pH and lack of oxygen. Cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. At a pH slightly above

7.4 (salivary pH 6.7) cancer cells become dormant and at pH 8.5 (salivary pH 7.8) cancer cells will die while healthy cells will live. Again, the higher the pH reading, the more alkaline and oxygen rich the fluid is.

Cancer and all diseases hate oxygen/pH balance.

Thus it is sometimes advantageous to push the pH above 6.5 if you are trying to overcome a chronic illness.

To measure the voltage of a liquid, one must use a special “voltmeter” called a pH meter. Such a meter measures both the voltage and whether it is an electron donor or an electron stealer. The software will then convert it to a logarithmic scale called pH. The scale ranges from zero to 14. A pH of zero is a synonym of +400 millivolts of electron stealer and – 400 millivolts of electron donor is a synonym of a pH of 14.

What Happens When Voltage Drops? Well there are several bad things that happen as voltage begins to drop

Voltage Drop: Fatigue; at – 15 millivolts, you are tired.

Voltage Drops Further: Oxygenation Drops; as voltage drops more, several bad thing get worse, ending with cancer.

The amount of oxygen that will dissolve in water is dictated by the voltage of the water. If you put a tube into a glass of water and bubble in oxygen, the amount of oxygen that dissolves in the water is dictated by the voltage of the water. Since our cells are about 70% water, as voltage in our cells drops, the oxygen comes out of solution.

As oxygen levels drop, several other bad things happen – one of them being Pain which is a symptom of low voltage. As voltage drops, we have chronic pain due to lack of oxygen.

Inside our cells, a rechargeable battery system provides the voltage necessary for the cell to work. When the batteries are charged, they are called “ATP”. When they are discharged, they are called “ADP”. Since we have a rechargeable battery system, we need a battery charger. It is called the “Krebs Cycle” or the “Citric Acid Cycle.” It prefers to run on fatty acids. If oxygen is present, for every unit of fatty acids that passes through the Krebs Cycle, you get enough electrons to charge up 38 of these ADP batteries. If oxygen is low, for every unit of fatty acids processed by the Krebs Cycle, you only get enough electrons to charge up two of these ADP batteries. This is like a car going from 15 km/liter to 2 km/liter. Thus our organs are running very inefficiently and require much more fuel (fatty acids) to function.

Voltage Drop -> Pathogenic Digestive Enzymes

Another bad thing that happens has to do with infections. Each of us contains about a trillion “bugs”. These bugs are suppressed as long as oxygen is present. However, as voltage and oxygen drop, the bugs wake up. They want to have lunch and they want to have you for lunch. Since they do not have teeth to take a bite out of your cells, they release digestive enzymes to dissolve your cells to get the nutrients. As these digestive enzymes dissolve your cells, you have all the signs of disease.

These digestive enzymes get into your blood stream and go throughout your body, causing damage at distant places. For example, when you have strep throat, the enzymes go throughout your system causing fever, nausea, muscle pain, headache, etc. They can also go scar your heart valves and your knees.

Further Voltage Drop -> Cell Wall Deficient Organisms – L-form bacteria and fungus!

As voltage and oxygen drop further, the bacteria lose their cell membranes. These cell-wall-deficient organisms were described as long ago as the mid 1800’s by Antoine Béchamp in Paris. They have been noted by others (Enderlein, Naessens, Rife, Livingston, etc.) about every fifty years and given different names. The name currently used by most microbiologists is “L-forms”, a name given by the Lister Institute in Paris.

Because of the lack of cell membranes, the immune system cannot see them. In addition, they do not cause the usual signs of infection: fever, elevated white blood count, an increase in the percentage of certain white blood cells, etc.

In addition, they cannot be cultured unless you add antibiotics to the culture media! Thus most physicians never consider that you have an infection when they are doing their damage. In addition, you cannot kill them with antibiotics (antibiotics make them thrive). You can only kill them by raising the oxygen levels or by using an oxidative therapy (ozone, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide) or with frequencies.

It is all a bit too technical, but how amazing are these vessels that house us – our bodies!

It is my opinion that there is no such thing as an autoimmune disease. Such problems are really just the damage done by these cell-wall-deficient organisms, hiding somewhere in the body and doing damage at distant locations as well as locally. They will be hiding where the voltage is low. When you solve this problem, you will usually see the blood tests for autoimmune diseases go back to normal.

When voltage drops to +30 millivolts, cell-wall-deficient fungus shows up. They are always present when cancer occurs. Note that cancer occurs when the polarity changes from electron donor to electron stealer in a specific acupuncture meridian.

Whenever voltage drops, these steps always occur:

Organ Malfunction -> chronic pain -> lowered oxygen -> lowered ATP (intracellular voltage) -> infection with cell-wall-deficient organisms -> fungus -> cancer.

Note that this whole pathway is dependent upon lack of voltage!

So Remember -> Healing is Voltage!!