Change Your Annual Income to Monthly Income

If you want to change your life, you got to change your life. It sounds like play on words. Is it not? It may be. But it does make you think. I have personally changed my life using few extraordinary strategies in the last fifteen years. Some of the changes I have witnessed have been phenomenal. Changing your life can be fun and I have found that it is not very difficult when you know - how. It can also be very rewarding. I suppose knowing how is the key.

Before I proceed with the knowing how part, let me ask you the big question – “What would you change, if your annual income suddenly became your monthly income”?

Think about that question for a moment. Mentally observe the type of thinking you immediately got involved in, as a result of that question as it could have run anywhere from immediate rejection to a very positive mental response.

The type of thinking the question provoked is important, because it very rightly is your conditioned mind that is responding. Did you immediately think that is ridiculous? It could never happen, or WOW! That could really be great. Whatever your response was, leave aside that for now to be welcomed back for the big question a little later.

What you are now going to hear is not something I learned in a school, college nor is it some strange occult secret.

What I am now about to share with you is my practical experience - what I have done and presently I am doing. Permit me to begin by saying “being happy, healthy and wealthy is a normal state of life for you and me and everyone else who wants it and whose mind is open to a few simple suggestions”. You might be asking yourselves, if it is so simple, why there are so few people enjoying the good life. That is a fair question and I believe it was answered many years ago in the book “Man’s Search for Himself” authored by Ronald May, a distinguished psychiatrist. He said the opposite of courage in our society is not cowardliness, it is conformity. People acting like everyone else without knowing why, without knowing where they are going. It takes courage to begin living a good life. You have to step away from the masses. You must begin to express your uniqueness as a human being and begin to utilize your God given potential.

Consider this for a moment:

We are living right in the midst of the golden years, a time we have been working towards for thousands of years - the richest time in all of human history. There are only two sources to which we can refer to find out about our potential – Science and Theology. Both of these areas clearly indicate that we do have infinite potential. The wisest among these would not even guess at what you and I are capable of accomplishing. And yet, after living for fifty or sixty years, 90% of the population has not made it financially.

You might be thinking money is not everything. It definitely is not the most important thing in life, and you are right. However, money in fact affects every area of our life that we choose to think is important. If we would take a group of 100 people at the start of their working career at 25 years and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age, here is what you will find:

Only 1 will be wealthy;
4 will be financially secure;
5 will continue working, not because they want to but because they have to;
36 will be dead;
54 will be dead broke – dependent on meager pension, relatives, friends and even charity for a minimum standard of living.

That is 5% successful and 95% unsuccessful.

As shocking as these statistics are, the actuarial department of any major financial institution will confirm their accuracy. Why? What happened to these people? Why did so few make it? What became of their dreams, their hopes & their plans? And why is there such a large disparity between what these people intended to do with their lives and what they actually accomplished? What held them back?

Listen carefully. I am going to give you the answer.

They conformed! That is it. They conformed. They fell in line and followed the large group. They followed the wrong group. It seems incredible that people in such large numbers could be wrong. But they are and always have been.

About 95% of our population are controlled by old paradigms, old conditioning. They do not think. It is said that if an average person said what they were thinking, they would be speechless. Listen to the conversations of most people and watch their behavior. They are obviously not thinking. Most people are the product of someone else’s habitual way of thinking.

I started to dream and then began thinking of how I could live that dream. I stopped letting my present results control my thinking. You have to move the equation backward. You must start to control your thinking and then have your thinking control your results, rather than the results control your thinking.

Before I could get the insight of the secrets I have shared with you just now, my life was just scrolling by and I could not figure out what was really wanting in me. I was not enjoying my work. I was certainly struggling financially. I was far from being happy. I read and re-read the relevant books and viewed the CDs/DVDs and started applying the principles in my everyday living as was suggested in the books. Without going into the details, my world began to change and change dramatically. It has never stopped. I then gave the same books to a number of people, but their lives never changed. I soon realized that it was not the books. But what was it? Why had my world changed so dramatically? Why did my income soar?

It was because I changed my income earning strategy. And what worked for me, shall work for you. What I am going to suggest is going to work for anyone. As your income increases, you shall have more time to do many positive things that are important in your life. You will be amazed at how much free time you will have when you never have to think about money.

This bring me to a point where I am going to ask you to mentally step back and objectively look at money and honestly think about the areas of your life where money does play a role. The truth is there are very few areas where money does not play a role. Now let me come back to the big question “What would you change, if your annual income suddenly became your monthly income”?

Let your imagination fly. Let it to soar. Dream! What would you do that is totally different from what you are presently doing? Imagine going on a vacation with your loved ones, first class, all the way. Dream! Rather than reject what you are hearing as being ridiculous, stop and think. You very likely know people who are earning that amount of money were not as bright as you are and I can assure you, they are not lucky. Luck does not play a role in what I am talking about regardless of how much it may appear that it does.

Earning money is a subject that is misunderstood by 9 people out of 10. And I honestly think I am being conservative in those numbers. It is probably more like 1 in 20. And as you begin to study earning money as a subject, it would become obvious why it is so misunderstood by the masses.

You can go right through our educational systems and learn absolutely nothing about earning money. You can in fact graduate from one of the most prestigious universities in the world and know next to nothing about earning money. This along with the fact that very few parents understand money explains why there is such widespread ignorance on such an important subject.

Earning money has nothing to do with age, gender, geography, formal education, intelligence, past experience or a host of other reasons we were raised to believe were a pre-requisite to earning a lot of money.

Earning money has to do with one thing – Decision. You merely decide “I am going to learn how to earn money” and then being specific about knowing how much you are going to earn. You will follow exactly the same procedures as you were if you were to decide “I am going to fly an aero plane”. If you decide to become a pilot, you certainly would not be getting instructions from one of your colleagues or workers, your next door neighbors that is unless of course, they are excellent plane instructors.

Approximately 96% of all the money that is earned is earned by 1% of our population. And 99% of that group is all following exactly the same strategy. I can assure you that they are not getting their advice from everyone and anyone who happens to be in their presence. You will find people who are absolutely brilliant were broke and others, who are functionally illiterate, may be earning lakhs of rupees a year. At this point it should be obvious that you are not going to learn how to multiply your income by doing what comes naturally - by doing what you have been doing in the past or by following the example that is being offered by 96% of our population.

Any kind of change causes discomfort and if you want to change your annual income into a monthly income, that too will cause some discomfort. But keep this in mind; the discomfort you experience will be very temporary. The increased prosperity will be permanent.

What the point that I am now going to ask you to really tune in to what I am going to explain.

There are only 3 strategies to earning money. I refer to them as M1, M2 and M3.

Now M1 is the worst strategy in the world and unfortunately it is adhered to by 96% of our population. Old paradigms keep people locked in to this losing way of living. They are good people, but they never enjoy the good life. We are all taught to follow the M1 income earning strategy at home, at school and are surrounded by people who follow this strategy. M1 is where people trade their time for money. This strategy has an inherent problem. It is called saturation. You run out of time. It is almost inconceivable to think that so many people are on the wrong track, some of them brilliant people. However, their brilliance has not stopped them from being controlled by their old paradigms.

You might be wondering who these people are. Virtually everyone you know. There are Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Engineers, Architects, Airline pilots. In fact in today’s world doctors have to put in more time to earn less money. It is sad, but true.

The only way a person can accumulate money following this strategy is by compromising on virtually everything they do where money is concerned. They compromise on the car, the house they buy, the vacations they take, the clothes they buy. In fact, if you stand in either a men’s or women’s clothing store and observe what is going on, almost everyone looks at the price tag before they inspect the garment. They do not get what they want. They pick what they think they can afford. Little do they realize, if they made a decision, they could buy the whole store. Someone did, and they are in it. Most of the people who follow this strategy can honestly not see a solution to many other problems they experience where money is concerned.

However, there is an answer – and I am going to give it to you. And all you are required is the courage to break out of your old paradigm.

Let us move on and take a look at M2. This is a great strategy. However, it is only followed by a very small group of people, only 3% of our population. M2 is where people invest money to earn money. It is fairly obvious why just 3% of our population follow this strategy. Most people have no money to invest. Those who do follow this strategy and who are not well educated in the area and do not get good advice, frequently lose their money. For a person to become professional with the M2 strategy, they must study it continually. Since many people who have money to invest do not choose to spend their time studying this subject, they frequently rely on the advice of the experts in this field. Financial advisors should be picked with considerable care.

This brings us to the strategy M3. And although it is only used by just 1% of our population, they earn approximately 96% of all the money that is earned.

This strategy can be followed by any one. That is the beautiful part about it. All it requires is a decision. A decision I would strongly recommend you to make right now. There is one other pre-requisite that goes with decision, and it is courage. You are definitely going against the crowd. You must quit worrying about what they (the crowd) think and focus on what you think.

M3 is where you multiply your time through the efforts of the others by setting up MULTIPLE SOURCES OF INCOME. This is one of the most beautiful concepts that you will ever come across with respect to earning money. It is frequently referred to as “Leverage”. Multiple sources of Income are referred to as MSI’s and you can afford to have as many MSI’s as you choose. This is also referred to as Mail Box Money. With MSI’s you can be earning money right around the clock regardless of what you are doing. You could be sleeping at Kolkata and earning money at Chennai or vice versa.

This is a strategy that is being used by wealthy people dating right back to the ancient Babylonians. The individuals who follow the M3 strategy are actually aware that working is the worst way to earn money. The masses have been raised and conditioned to believe that you should go to work to earn money. If you never remember anything else, remember this: You should go to work for Satisfaction and you should provide Service to earn money.

Here is what Napoleon Hill had to say about this “If you are one of those people who believe that hard work and honesty alone will bring riches – perish the thought – it is not true. Riches when they come in huge quantities are never the result of hard work. Riches come, if they come at all in response to definite domains based upon the application of definite principles and not by chance or luck.

Here is another interesting bit of information from the same author. The accumulation of great fortunes calls for power and power is acquired through highly organized and intelligently directed specialized knowledge. But that knowledge does not necessarily have to be in the possession of the person who accumulates the fortune. Is it not interesting?

Think about what you have just heard! Now I believe it is time for me to ask you that big question again – What would you change if your annual income suddenly became your monthly income? Pay attention again to your mental response to that question. I bet it is now becoming easier to accept. Your mind has been inundated with some beautiful truth over the past few moments. And when that happens, your mind becomes more receptive to positive questions. You are quite capable of turning your annual income into your monthly income. I have done it and thousands have done it. Now it is not an exaggeration, there are literally thousands. Step out of your old conditioned way of living. Life is short and should be enjoyed by you. The M3 strategy is what I stumbled upon about 10 years ago.

In the old economy if you are going to follow the M3 strategy you had to have an incredible idea and a respectable amount of money. That is not so in the new economy and we are living in the new economy. The rules that you are raised with, no longer apply. As children we were taught to go to school, get a good education, get a job in a big company and be loyal regardless, if you are going to have security. There were literally hundreds of thousands of people in every part of the world walk in the streets today, many of them in a state of shock because they believed that advice and they followed it only to find themselves walking the street with a resume in hand, looking for a job. Their 10-15-25 years of dedicated service were rewarded with a small severance package and a dismissal slip. When a person believes of security in a job and they lose the job, they feel like they have lost everything. They are totally demoralized. Security is an inside thing. If you have not got it there, you have not got it.

I can assure you that regardless of your present situation, you are capable of turning your annual income into a monthly income and living your life you may possibly only have dreamed about to this point, through Network Marketing.

Network Marketing is the distribution system that is ushering in the new economy. The compensation plan that most network marketing companies have is the most modern form of compensation that is ever been devised and it is based on the M3 strategy. Although millions of professionals today, myself included, have embraced network marketing and strongly promote it, there are millions of others, including the lawmakers, who do not understand it. It is strange, but true. That anything the human does not understand, they have a tendency to criticize or ridicule. And we do not understand anything until we can explain it to another person, so that they understand it.

What image comes to your mind when you hear the term Network Marketing? Think about it for a moment. Now let me ask you to think something else. Think about our former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi. What image comes to the screen of your mind? You have very likely had the image of a handsome young man, immaculately dressed in whites, possibly wearing a white Gandhi cap waving at the crowds. Please understand that image is over 15 years old. If Rajiv Gandhi were alive today, he would have been an elderly gentleman in his 60’s and if he had any hair, it would have been most certainly be grey.

Frequently when a person hears the term Network Marketing a 30 year old image comes to their mind and they see someone sitting in their kitchen trying to sell their brother-in-law an idea of selling soap. The truth is this industry has grown up. It is now one of the most sophisticated industries in the world and certainly one of the most lucrative. The computer systems that these companies employ are the envy of most other industries. The successful companies are debt free and the people who do the work are the ones who get the money. There is no nepotism, no favoritism and no race. There are numerous individuals who are working for 15 and 20 hours a week from home and earning more money than they have ever previously dreamed of. They have the time and the money to do these things they always wanted to do. I have personally spent 10 years developing my reputation in this industry.

And now let me ask you that big question one more time - “What would you change, if your annual income suddenly became your monthly income?” I can assure you if you will open your mind and override your old paradigm; you are quite capable of making those changes. I believe I have made it clear that school has not taught us how to earn money. Another major weakness of all educational systems is that they neither teach nor encourage the habit of definite decision which is precisely why there are so many people wandering around asking anyone who is listening “what do you think I should do”?

Napoleon Hill wrote an entire chapter on decision in his book “Think and Grow Rich”. In that chapter he said those who reach decisions promptly and definitely know what they want and they generally get it. The leaders in every walk of life decide quickly and firmly. That is the major reason why they are the leaders. The world has the habit of making room for the man or woman whose words and actions shows that they know where they are going. You are welcome to contact me for any assistance.

Take the message of this article along with you with a commitment to live with it every day. Refrain from talking to a lot of people about the new ideas you have just learned about money, until you have a firm grip on it yourself and feel confident about explaining to others.