Remove the Kinks from Your Mind

God never expresses Himself other than perfectly. Therefore, whatever imperfection does exist, it is always the result of our individual or collective modes of thinking. Since this is true, it is not necessary that you hold onto anything, “for fear of losing it.” Energy must flow through you freely without any obstructions, if you are to achieve the good you desire.

What are these obstructions? These are doubt, guilt, resentment and any thoughts of lack or limitation. They include any negative ideas which have a tendency to block the flow of creative energy, to and through you. Your problem – whether you realize it or not – is that you have not created the space for the beautiful image which you are trying to create. Therefore, you must resolve yourself to let go of all these obstructions, to enable you to make a space for the good you desire.

You should visualize your body as being an instrument through which a nonphysical, creative energy flows. You should liken it to an ordinary garden hose, which you may be using to water the garden at the back of your home. Suppose, for a moment, that you decide to water the flower-bed in the front of your home. In order to accomplish this, you must drag the hose to the front of the house. But while you are dragging it, suppose that you form a loop in the hose and as you pull on it – without your knowing – it kinks.

Although there is an abundance of water at the source, the water will just be trickling out of the hose, a drop at a time, onto the flower bed. The reason for this is that the kink is obstructing the flow of water, which could, if it were allowed to flow freely, actually breathe new life into the plants.

In a similar manner, these negative concepts which you hold in your mind are obstructing the flow of energy which could, if it were given a chance to, breathe new life into you and your results in life.

In the case of the garden hose, you would immediately investigate to find the cause of the interrupted flow of water. Once you found the kink, you would then proceed to remove it, so the water could resume flowing freely in a steady stream.

Now, be aware of this – the process described for the garden hose, is exactly the same process that you must undertake, yourself, with respect to your marvelous mind. You must let go of all of the obstructions that are hampering you. Release the mental kinks, and you will immediately find that there is no lack of creative energy at the source. These mental kinks which you have carelessly, and very likely, unconsciously built, are actually limiting the flow of the life-giving power which ultimately transforms your results in life.

This Website contains various key concepts, which you must begin to use, if you are to enjoy the benefits that may be derived by simply permitting this power to flow freely through you. It is suggested that you go through each chapter in full details, to compare the results you are presently obtaining in your life and make suitable path corrections. Study each chapter very seriously – but in a relaxed state – and keep acting on each idea until it becomes a fixed part of your personality.

“God’s gift to you is more talent and ability than you will ever use in one lifetime. Your gift to God is to develop and utilize as much of that talent and ability as you can, in this lifetime.” – Steve Bow.