“Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) – the water infused with Molecular Hydrogen” - various health ramifications of this technology.


Molecular hydrogen gas is probably the greatest discovery in medical science and healthcare since 1953. The DNA molecule structure was identified and mapped out by two scientists who were awarded the Nobel Prize. Medical sciences were forever changed.

Fast forward to 2005, Dr. Shigeo Ohta, PhD makes a huge discovery. He declared that his entire life shall henceforth be devoted to develop the protective effects of the hydrogen gas for the humanity.

Today, it is a Global movement.

Hydrogen is the lightest and smallest molecule of gas in our Universe. When infused into purified water, it produces a liquid that can hydrate virtually all of our 37.2 trillion cells at epigenetic levels at speeds that are shockingly fast when seen under the microscope.



People often feel better and ailments disappeared. But only recently did research confirm that this water contains dissolved hydrogen gas. Since in 2007, the biochemistry in medical science communities have exploded with over 1,000 studies paper and clinical studies to embrace this marvelous molecule for super health.

One glass of water does not equal another. One may just pacify your thirst, while the other you may enjoy drinking; and in Japan, people know about this difference. And the whole world is now gradually getting aware of this phenomenon of availability of this water right in your home.

What makes Molecular Hydrogen unique is its bioavailability. Hydrogen is so small that it can penetrate through cells immediately and naturally being in a gaseous state with rapid diffusion. It functions as a special antioxidant that is not blocked by normal mechanism that prevents other antioxidants from moving in our bodies freely.

H2 weighs 88 times not as much as Vitamin C which is the most famous antioxidant and 431 times not as much as Coenzyme Q10 which is another prevalent cell reinforcement or antioxidant. Unlike some antioxidants that can leave unsafe byproducts and in fact create free radicals in the body, Molecular Hydrogen is considered one of the safest antioxidants for our bodies because it leaves no byproducts. In fact, when Hydrogen neutralizes the unsafe hydroxyl radicals, it actually will change the form of the free radical to water which is advantageous to the body and does not require evacuation.



ERW  is  water  that  has  been  electrically  altered  (charged)  verses  chemically  altered  water (adding chemicals/minerals).  The electrolysis  process  that  the  water  undergoes, produces  ‘stable’ water ionization at a high enough levels that it breaks the bonds between the H2O. The shift in alkalinity is an indicator that the process has occurred; the pH itself is irrelevant for the most part because it is not chemically induced.

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While there are few articles in this book for you to review, I would encourage you to do more research for yourself. A simple PubMed and/or NIH search for Electrolyzed Reduced Water is usually enough for most of us. But the pertinent question still remains unanswered.  “Why in the world have I not heard more about this before?”Personally I was also not aware of the level and quantity of the research out there.

I am not a physician and do not make health claims. However, I can be informative and responsive to your needs. Collectively through awareness, education, and knowledge we can make a difference in our health and longevity.  It is up to you, the conscious individual, to make your own health decisions. All of us are entitled to health and prosperity.

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