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The Ideal Global Home Business to be in Today

This article is designed to educate people about a business concept that works. For people who are willing to put one hundred per cent of themselves into something. It takes 200 per cent to be successful on business. One hundred per cent must come from you; one hundred per cent must come from the business vehicle that you have chosen.

The Business vehicle means - how you earn your living and how you support your family. People who relentlessly pour one hundred per cent into a business vehicle profession or job, but that vehicle do not have the capability to give back a hundred per cent. This simply means that the business vehicle you are using should have the “Mechanics of Wealth” inbuilt within the system. No one has ever fully explained to you why most of the Companies out there do not work, and why it is a waste of your valuable time if your goal is financial success.

This presentation for the person who is willing to put in their one hundred per cent, they are only lacking the right business vehicle. The explanation of why it is right, and the evidence that it does in fact work!

Even though I say that you must put in a hundred per cent that does not mean that you have to work it full time, I did not. That does not mean that you have to sacrifice your family time nor does it mean that you have to have prior experience, I did not. What I am going to talk about is a real business on where a real product or service gets moved to the end consumer and a solid company gets built.

What you will learn right here has allowed me and my associates to build one earlier Company right from scratch. Now it has certainly been done before. However this was done where no employees were required, no accounts receivable, no accounts payable, and no overhead and very little inventory!

The way I came in to this industry was by answering an ad in the newspaper with a total stranger way back in 2000, but if a friend of mine had called me, I would have gladly built my business with my friend’s company. It does not matter to me where I build my company.

Is it better to hired by a company or sponsored in a network marketing company? I want to contrast those two. Let us say that I started a new electronics company and you and I knew each other. I hire you to manage my sales representatives, and I tell you that I will pay you Rs. 5,00,000 a year. How did I decide on the Rs. 5,00,000? Is that what you are worth? Or is that my opinion of you? I all honesty I am only going to pay you just enough money to keep you there and you are only going to work hard enough just to keep your job. It is a sort of we will pretend to pay you, if you pretend to work kind of thing. Here is the important question. Can I offer you a better opportunity within my company than I have, being the owner? Do we have a situation where everyone has the same amount to gain? No we do not. The law of economics today in the corporate world is this; the owner must maximize his/her benefits by minimizing the employees. That is just the way it is.

However, in network marketing I can offer you a better opportunity than I have. How? Because I will be helping you build your company. It is in my interest to help you build your company. Network marketing is the most ethical business I have ever seen in my life, and the reason I say that is because my success and your success is forever intertwined if I sponsored you; I cannot change that; I cannot fire you. So it is far better to be sponsored in a network marketing company than hired by a corporation.

Perhaps I have created a question in your mind. If a network marketing company pays commissions to all these people, six levels deep, eight levels deep then does it not just drive up the cost of the products? Of course it does, but does that mean that the products that go to the consumer are more expensive? No, often times they are actually less expensive than traditional products because although the network marketing company adds cost over here to pay those multiple levels of people, they are taking costs over here by cutting out some of the traditional distribution costs. Not that you should always desire less expensive product, sometimes you get a lot better value with a more expensive product. Anytime someone looks at the price of a product before they look at the value of the product, they are looking in the wrong order, also I have seen times that products appear more expensive but it is because there are no fair comparisons in the marketplace.

So, why is it so attractive to be a distributor for a network marketing company? i) you get to buy the products at wholesale ii) Because it is business ownership without business headaches. The network marketing company is the one who deals with employees. The network marketing companies inventories the products. The network marketing company deals with manufacturing, warehousing, pricing, packaging, shipping, research and development, catalogues, brochures, quality control, accounting, government relations and payroll.

We, the distributors are free to just billed, we are free, just to be the marketing arm of the company. So, why does this work so effectively? I can answer this by asking you a question. Who is the best person to market a product or a service? A satisfied customer is the best person. This is by word of mouth advertising. The reason why by word of mouth advertising is better than any advertising is because it is based on relationships. Relationships have what advertising will never have, and that is trust.

Someone once said to me, I feel uncomfortable making money off my friends or family. If you have that concern, who do you feel comfortable making money off of? Probably a stranger, so how do you justify earning money off a stranger? Your justification might be that you providing a good product or good service at a fair price. So why would not you offer that to a family member? Put yourself in your family member’s spot. Do you thing that your friends or family would rather compensate a stranger for the same product or service that you offer? Would you not rather compensate your family member than a stranger? That only makes sense.

How does little group of product or service in network marketing turn into huge money? Who is selling that entire product? Is this something where I will be going door to door? No. I have seen owners of some of the most successful advertising companies in the world look in amazement that how it appears to them that this is more successful in penetrating the consumer market than one of their fifteen million dollar advertising. In 1996 it is estimated that almost 20 billion dollars’ worth of goods and services move through this industry in United States alone. I have also read companies like Gillett, Colgate, MCI, IBM, Toyota, Xerox, and Coca-Cola have distributed some of their products and services through network marketing. Obviously they figured out how powerful this distribution is.

I recognize that you may have seen this industry before. Maybe you have attempted it. Or you know people who have tried and succeeded or did not succeed. People can succeed or fail. People fail everywhere; people also fail at high school. The absolute worst thing that you can do in your life is compare yourself to people who fail, because you do not know how they approached the business. Did they come in and do it as a profession or as a hobby? You cannot objectively look at someone’s success or lack of success as a determining factor of what you will achieve. This business is just like everything in life. It is what you make of it.

The real question is; can you do this and be successful? I do not know you, but I know that you can. How did you get good doing what you do now? You just kept doing it until you got good at it. If when you get started with this, if you find something you do not feel you are good at, change it. Find books on the subject, find college courses. It is a lot easier to learn the skill than to run from that skill, and try to find an industry or job where you do not need that skill. Face what you are not good at and change it. Confront it and beat it.

You are already spending valuable time right now getting good at something. Should it not pay you a huge income and give you total time freedom. You are wasting your talent by selling yourself short and working for somebody else’s dream. I looked at this industry and said, sure it is hard, and everything is hard. But it is harder to not have what you want all your life than it is to get the hard out of the way.

If you are the person who needs everyone’s approval before doing something, you probably will not get it. How many truly wealthy people you think got wealthy with everyone cheering them on, better yet anyone cheering them on, probably none. Fear of what others would think is the reason people do not achieve financial success.

One other thing, please do not base your perception or decision on out-dated information. Just because you have seen this industry before or even tried it before does not mean that it has not completely changed. I have met 100s of people who have seen network marketing, even done network marketing, 1, 3 or even 20 years ago who have re-joined a company and made a lot of money with it. Today network marketing companies are making so much money available to distributors that it has now become a true profession.

The reason so many people are coming into network marketing is because people want control of their life. They want better quality of life and network marketing offers that. I hear people always complaining that they are too busy or do not have enough time; people act as if time owns them, instead of them owning time. What do you mean, “Not enough time?” That is the only fair component in the equation of life. Not everyone starts with the same intellect, not everyone starts with the same amount of money but everyone has the same amount of time in a day. Have you ever noticed that there are people who work 24 hours earn $10,000 a year? And there are people who in the same 24 hours who earn ten million dollars a year. Let me explain the difference.

I have heard people say this phrase; it’s easier to do it myself than try to get other people to do it. When I hear that phrase I know that person just nailed their feet to the floor, all they can do is extend their time, not invest their time. Here is a secret:

When you understand the power of educating and empowering others so that you get more done, you are truly on your way to wealth. Now with that understanding, look at network marketing, and you will see why I call it brilliant compensation. In network marketing you are actually making yourself unimportant to the creation of your income, because what you teach and train others to do, is duplicate of what you do, which is to find and train others. This is actually multiplying you, because you are teaching them to sponsor and train other people. That’s why I say, next to your spiritual growth and your family there is nothing in the world that you can do or reward you better than investing your time in network marketing.

Let me illustrate something that is so profound, what is the maximum number of hours you can work in a day? 24 hours right! So if you did not sleep all day you could work 24 straight hours. What if you didn’t sleep a whole year? You could actually work 8760 hours per year. But that’s the maximum number of hours you can work in a year. Now in network marketing if you have 20,000 people under you, and let’s assume that these people work just one hour each year. That means 20,000 hours of work that you are being paid on. For most people to work 20,000 hours, they have to work for more than 2 years, 24 hours a day, without sleep to put in the same amount of hours than you could in one hour a year. If these same people worked 8 hours a year, that means 1, 60,000 hours that you are being paid on. That would take most people 18 years, 24 hours a day, to do what you could do in 8 hours a year. 8 hours in one year vs. 18 years working 24 hours a day, does not seem fair, does it? It is definitely not fair. What’s not fair is that you haven’t understood this until today and other people have. Now that you understand it, take responsibility for it.

Don’t go running and try to create reasons why you couldn’t do this, you can do this; I don’t need to impress you by saying all these. My purpose for creating this tool is to contribute back to that woodpile that so generously gave to me. The difference between wealthy and everyone else is leverage. Nothing gives you individual leverage in such an ethical way like network marketing can.

Remember, real happiness can only come from helping other people do great things.

(Adapted from “The Brilliant Compensation” by Tim Sales)

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