Secrets to Peak Performance

Workshop by Dr. Debi Prasad Acharjya

"Champions walk into the arena having already won. Others walk in and try to figure out how to win". Imagine if your day started and ended as you had envisioned the earlier night. You are not trying to figure out how to have a good day. You are simply making what has already happened in your mind, a reality. This is how champions rise above others.

In the Workshop titled “Secrets to Peak Performance” you shall learn the strategies that are taught to the biggest athletes, CEO's, and Gold-medalists in the world. Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed? Want to feel better about you, your relationships, and your career? Want to close more sales, or make more money? Want that extra advantage?

Within 10 days of applying the insights and tools of this Workshop, you shall be able to: simplify and balance your life, family, relationship and business. An investment of less than 3% of your waking hours using the system will make a definite, positive difference in every important area of your life. These unique methods have been tried and proven over and over again, in some of the toughest circumstances imaginable.

Easily step into a zone where NOTHING can hold you back!

Using tools of this Workshop you can:

  • Perform any of your skills exponentially better by applying a laser-like focus that you can switch on in just seconds;
  • Trigger your mind to produce the breakthrough ideas you need to launch a new career, business or relationship... or make the ones you have now more profitable and pleasurable;
  • Influence the thoughts and behaviours of your colleagues, clients, and even people you have just met so you get the outcomes you want AND MUCH MORE!

90 seconds may be a very small unit of time. But if you use 90 seconds the “right way”, you can make a “more profound impact” than some people do in a lifetime. You take these 90-Second “Packets of Power”, sprinkle them on your life throughout the day, and then step back and watch as amazing transformations take root and blossom – right before your eyes.

And here is the incredible thing about the rule: No matter who the people are or what arena they are performing in - be it a classroom, a boardroom, a ball field, or their own home - these tools deliver the same thing: “immediate, powerful, meaningful change, in every situation they are applied to.”

Are these tools that simple? Absolutely Yes! Are they that beneficial? See for yourself… Apply these tools for 1 day and you will be a believer! Do it for 10 days, and you will be a better, happier and a far happier person!! In 90 Seconds, you can move a mountain. You can have more, accomplish more, love and be loved more – even more than you ever thought you could be.

As the world’s top performers know, 90 seconds is all it takes.