Are You Walking Past a Fortune

Phase I (Hidden Income)

Do you get letters and checks like this?

You can substitute M/S Kolkata Bazar Supermarket with M/S Reliaance Super Fresh or M/S Spendstar Super Mall or in fact everywhere you shop for your needs.

How many times has your local Supermarket issued you a rebate payment? Five times? Ten times? They have not? Well, they should.

Every time you purchase food at your local Supermarket, you increase its sales and profits. As a steady customer, don’t you think you deserve a purchase rebate? After all, they would lose the extra profits from your purchases if you did not shop with them. Shoppers deserve a purchase rebate.

How about the Rs. 2,000 in advertising savings shown in the M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket letter? Since you are already a customer, there is no need for M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket to spend advertising money to convince you to purchase from their store. M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket might as well pass this savings on to you.

And what is the Rs. 16,000 referral income for? You told a few friends and neighbors you enjoyed shopping at M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket. They changed from a competitor Supermarket, and now shop at M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket. You performed word-of-mouth advertising for M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket. Now each month you should receive a referral payout because your friends and neighbors shop at M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket.

Remember, if it were not for you, these people would still be shopping elsewhere.

Does all this sound far-fetched or hard to believe? Well, it happens every day. Many businesses now share their advertising funds with individuals in the search for more customers.

Let us consider this concept from the viewpoint of a local furniture store. When the furniture store retails a Rs. 50,000 dining table and chair room set, its profit and expenses may look like this:

Cost of dining room set from manufacturer Rs. 20,000
Overheads: rent, employees, insurance etc. Rs. 10,000
Advertising budget to bring customers to the store Rs. 15,000
Total Rs. 45,000
Profit Rs. 5,000

What if the furniture retailer gave that 33.33% (Rs. 15,000 advertising budget) to individuals who performed word-of-mouth advertising instead of spending it on radio, TV, and newspaper advertising?

If you refer a customer to the furniture store, or if the advertising media refers a customer to the furniture store, the result is the same. One customer, buying one dining room set, produces Rs. 50,000 in revenue to the furniture retailer. It should not make any difference to the furniture store retailer who gets his advertising budget, an individual or the media.

Does business really work this way? Can an individual receive referral or advertising income from manufacturers or retailers for the simple act of referring another person?

Yes! It happens every day in almost every industry. If you have not heard about it or taken advantage of it, you could literally be WALKING PAST A FORTUNE!

This Man Earns an Extra Rs. 20,000 a Month

Another friend, Shyam, knows everyone has to eat. Shyam searched out a grocery company that did not want to be limited to a few stores or locations, but wanted to market groceries nationwide. Instead of opening and staffing Supermarkets, they decided to operate a large warehouse and ship groceries via United Parcel Service directly to the consumer’s door. Does this work?

The grocery company does not have to invest capital in stores or courtesy clerks. The savings easily pay for shipping non-perishable groceries directly to the consumer’s door. The grocery company also saves a fortune by refraining from paying for full-page newspaper ads.

But how do they get their message out to potential customers across the Country? Word-of-mouth advertising is the answer. Because people let others know about their convenient, price-competitive, to-the-front-door service, the grocery company can use its advertising budget to reward their "word-of-mouth" advertisers.

Shyam simply says, "Are you tired of standing in checkout lines? Would you want your groceries delivered to your door for the same price? Read this… "

He hands the person a brochure explaining the service. If the person becomes another satisfied customer of the national grocery service, Shyam earns a monthly word-of-mouth referral bonus.

How does Shyam feel about this referral or networking concept? It is a lot easier to get a Rs. 20,000 word-of-mouth monthly bonus check for a little conversation than to get a Rs. 20,000 raise in monthly salary.”

Why it Works

The networking or referral concept is simple. Businesses who participate love the no-risk advertising it provides. Individuals love getting their piece of the advertising pie for doing what they have been doing for free – “talking.”

Among the types of products and services that successfully share their advertising budget with individuals are automobiles, appliances, legal insurance, food, clothing, sports equipment, buyer discount services, candy, health foods, travel, soda pop, water filters, auto clubs, and the list can go on and on.

Somewhere, almost any product or service is now being offered through referral or network marketing. Remember, not every company will share its advertising budget, but surely one of its competitors will.

Phase II (The Concept Expanded)

Remember the M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket? If you have an average family, you may spend as much as Rs. 5,000 monthly for groceries. In one year’s time, your purchases would add up to Rs. 60,000. You can see that every family added to M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket’s customer base is very important to M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket.

Let us say you refer your neighbor, Gita, to the wonderful service and food selection at M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket. Gita’s family purchases an additional Rs. 5,000 worth of groceries monthly from M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket. You are now responsible for Rs. 10,000 in grocery sales for M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket. Surely, you will be earning a nice cash bonus.

But what if Gita refers her brother’s family to M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket? That is an additional Rs. 5,000 in sales. Of course, Gita will receive a word-of-mouth advertising bonus for referring her brother, but what about you?

You did not actually refer Gita’s brother. However, if it was not for you referring Gita, her brother would never have known about M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket. You might consider yourself indirectly responsible for introducing Gita’s brother to M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket.

Now you are responsible (directly and indirectly) for Rs. 1,80,000 in annual grocery sales for M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket.

You Rs. 60,000
Gita Rs. 60,000
Gita’s Brother Rs. 60,000
Total Rs.1,80,000

What do you think you deserve for referring Rs. 1,80,000 in annual grocery sales to M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket? 5 percent (Rs. 9,000)? 10 percent (Rs. 18,000)?

What if M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket could stop its full page newspaper advertising altogether and let you be responsible for filling M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket with customers? Does this sound difficult? It really is not. You see, you would not have to do all the referring yourself.

Imagine spreading the news of the wonderful M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket to five friends. If the five friends you told are not hermits, they could spread the news of the wonderful M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket to 5, 10, or even 15 of their friends. These individuals could pass the news along to their friends, etc.

It is possible, by sharing the news with just a couple of friends, that eventually, everyone in town could be contacted. That is networking. Filling the M/S Kolkata Bazaar Supermarket really will not be quite as hard as you imagine.

Now, how much word-of-mouth advertising bonus do you deserve? You deserve the entire advertising budget. Of course, you would share it with your network of friends who helped you spread the news.

Can you see how receiving just two percent of an entire Supermarket’s sales could be exciting?

If you have not thought of it already, I am sure there is more than one Supermarket in your county. There may even be a clothing store or an automobile dealership in your community also. The potential is mind-boggling!

Your Words are as Good as Gold

How big are the advertising budgets of companies you presently do business with?

Our very own MNCs and other companies may be spending over Rs. 2,500 Crores every year, including endorsements of film stars or sports personalities on advertisements.

This is one of the hundreds of thousands of companies that advertise every day. The total amount spent on advertising is more than thousands of Crores each year. You do not need to share in a very large percentage of thousands of rupees to live quite comfortably.

Just look around you to see all the advertising spent in your local area. It is everywhere. For instance: (a) Hoardings or Billboards (b) TV (c) Radio (d) Newspapers (e) Magazines (f) Internet and many more…

But none of these advertising methods are as effective as word-of-mouth advertising. Potential customers will give far more credence to a friend’s recommendation than to a message on a Rs. 2.50 Lac billboard.

There is power in word-of-mouth advertising that can never be bought through regular advertising channels. Smart companies are more than willing to share their advertising budgets for this powerful method of increasing business.

The Power of Multiplication

Most of us learned that by adding more effort, or by adding more service, we will add more to our personal earnings. This is true, but very limiting. There are only 24 hours in a day. We cannot have any more.

Multiplication of our efforts through networking can compound our results. Having 24-hour days limits the number of individuals we personally can refer. However, our referrals have 24 different hours in their days to make personal referrals. Our network can compound our personal effort to produce staggering, combined results.

The president of M/S ABC Motors receives a salary based upon the power of multiplication. If he earns, let us say Rupees Fifty Lacs per annum in compensation, it is not because he can paint car fenders 100 times faster than assembly line employees. No, the president is compensated not only on his personal efforts, but on his ability to multiply his efforts through the work of thousands of Tata Motors employees.

You can have the same power to multiply your efforts and income through referral marketing. Your personal network will extend far beyond the people you personally introduce. If you can imagine a family tree, with you as the source, you can visualize the power of multiplication.

Incompetents can receive Referral Bonuses too

What special talent is necessary to receive financial benefits from this shared advertising concept? Does one have to be outgoing? Well connected? Or can anyone take advantage and qualify for sharing in a company’s advertising budget?

Everyone can get a monthly referral bonus payout. No unique qualifications are necessary. In fact, you do not even have to share this concept with competent people!

About 15 years ago I became interested in health foods. I found a company that delivered the products to my door. My wife joked that my total qualification was the ability to use the products, nothing more. I gathered enough courage to give a brochure of the company to Shiva, a recent acquaintance of mine. A few days later I stopped by his apartment to visit. Shiva’s mother informed me he had secured a good job at the US and will be there for a few years. I took this as an omen to go back home and watch TV.

What I did not know was that Shiva in the meantime had shared this concept of shared advertising with a few of his friends, and acquaintances. They continued to use the health foods, and I received my first monthly referral bonus payout.

My career in Network Marketing was born!

Quite frankly, all my income was from this indirect use of products from Shiva’s efforts. It would be another year before I could finally grasp the shared advertising concept. Meanwhile, the monthly payouts grew from a few hundred rupees to a few thousand rupees.

I never heard from Shiva again. I will always be in Shiva’s debt for proving that even incompetent people like me who could participate in the shared advertising concept.

It is Not “Who You Know” – It is “Who They Know”

Thank goodness. If my referral bonuses depended on who I knew, I would need a different career. We are all limited in the number of people we know, but the multiplication concept is powered by the thousands of people others know. If you really stretched the point, everyone in the world could be contacted through a long sequence of referrals.

Just how powerful can this multiplication power be? Sometimes, it pays to be sick!

Back in 2004, I was sick and broke. One of my friends met me at my office and offered me this health drink. I was told that it was a panacea to all health problems. He also shared the advertising concept. This he informed was an opportunity to break away from my routine career. I would have followed up on this, but for the compulsion to keep my job intact, though it was not inspiring but just keep my family going.

A few days later I got a telephone from this friend once again. I agreed to meet him, and got hold of the shared advertising concept. The concept was simple enough that it only took a cup of coffee to explain in detail.

The result! First, I felt better taking the health drink. I then personally purchased the product from the Company that supplied the health drink which had the shared advertising program. Then I went into the details about the product and even started educating and sharing the concept from a common platform. This looked quite encouraging – regaining health and the same time getting paid for it. Virtually I was getting the health drink free of cost for my entire family now.

Now not all my acquaintances were sick and needed the health drink, but most of them knew some people who were. One particular person who had attended one of my briefing sessions was completely sold on this concept. He along with others saw this as a perfect opportunity to earn some referral bonuses and they went on to build an impressive referral network.

By introducing this particular person to referral marketing, I had earned over Rs. 5 Lacs just from this one contact in a year! I am seriously considering taking more of such health products to be in perfect state of Wellness. It pays! The point is I did not know this man. I barely knew people out of my office circle. Referral marketing can be a gold mine just around the next corner; you never know.

What is in it for YOU?

  • 1. A simple change in buying habits could mean a monthly rebate from participating companies;
  • 2. If you find a product or service you like, do not keep it a secret. Others
    will like the product or service too, and you will earn bonuses for referring them;
  • 3. You could possibly experience an exciting career change. Many people
    enjoy the great second income referral marketing provides. Others like many, many friends and me enjoy referral marketing as a full-time career.

There are plenty of companies that will share their advertising budgets with individuals. Why not look into the possibility today?

For more information, simply ask the person who shared this website with you. Still better contact me for an excellent business opportunity.

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