Disclaimer: It is recommended to always consult your personal physician for any health issues


According to human psychology, if a person has a fear of any of the diseases, then the mind will create the symptoms of that disease.

Our mind is very powerful – it possesses the power to cure any disease and also create any disease.

We often refer to “Psychosomatic Symptoms”- which involves both the body and the mind. Even though the symptoms are real, they arise from stress or emotional causes, and not from external ones.

Our bodies produce thousands of chemicals which are utilized for our operation and maintenance. It is our brain that provides the instruction as to what chemistry is to be released. What we now know that our perception and emotions play an enormous role in providing the messaging to the brain.

The brain as a chemist selectively releases the chemicals into the blood based on our thoughts and our beliefs and perceptions and how our mind is interpreting the world.

Suppose you are sitting there right now with your eyes closed. When you open up your eyes there is someone you love is in front of you. Your perception of someone you love causes your brain to release chemicals like Dopamine (pleasure chemical) and Oxytocin (chemical that causes us to have bonding and relationships together). This results in release of Serotonin, the Growth Hormone.

These are hormones that when they get into the blood enhances the body’s health, maintenance and growth. This is why when you open your eyes and you are in love biologically, you are feeding the best possible nutrition and information to cells.

If you take the chemistry of negative thoughts, the stress hormone Cortisol and other inflammatory agents flare up and your cells would ultimately die out in that environment.

So, the one side of the coin is love releasing chemicals that enhance your growth and energy. This is why it is so healthy to be in love and this does not require another person but just you.

The flip side of that coin is if you open your eyes and you see something that scares or threatens you, the chemistry that is released from the brain is designed to protect you. In the protection mode all of your energy is allocated for fight or flight.

The question then arises that what was this energy doing before you needed protection? It was always there providing for your growth. So basically this means that when you are in protection, you actually shut down the growth and maintenance of your system. You cannot sustain life in protection because the chemicals of protection short circuit the growth of the body to use that energy for running away.

In the earlier days, the protection mode was used just occasionally. In the world today we use it 24 x 7 x 365. And because we are never designed to be that long in a compromised growth state, the health issues are going out of control. Fear is causing the chemicals, the stress hormones, to be released into our bodies which shut off the immune system.