The Perfect Storm of Opportunity

“The fortunes of the new millennium will be created in the Wellness Industry” – Dr. Paul Zane Pilzer in his bestselling book “The Next Trillion”.

You shall now be presented with a new business opportunity which has an incredible positive impact on the lives of its customers.

Right now, our economy is experiencing a perfect storm of opportunity on account of three powerful elements converging to create this opportunity. The convergence of the three trends (1) The Millionaire Explosion (2) The Wellness Revolution and (3) The Direct Selling Boom… is creating the greatest opportunity for you to change your financial future! Those equipped with the knowledge and willingness to act, can ride this perfect storm to financial freedom. In fact, you now have the potential to become one of the new millionaires that will be created during the next decade.

Are you worried that you may eventually face unemployment during this current economic meltdown? But this downturn and the type of unemployment we are facing today is actually a positive economic indicator – it can create jobs and grow the economic pie for everyone.

Case in Point: Imagine a self-sufficient island community of only 10 families all of whom subsist on fish. Every day, 10 people go out with their fishing poles, and gather food for their families. But suppose a newcomer to the island introduces fishing net. It now takes only 2 people to bring in the same amount of fish that 10 once did. This means, overnight, the island economy has an 80% unemployment rate! But now there is a surprising opportunity - these “downsized” 8 islanders are free to put their natural talents to work in another area of the economy.

For instance, one may pursue medicine to increase the health of the islanders; another may focus on constructing stronger and more protective huts. Another may elect to increase the intellectual and creative skills of the upcoming generation through education. As the islanders diversify their roles, these “new” jobs provide greater specialization that continues to grow the economy. Note that none of these jobs existed on the island before; better technology and an increase in unemployment had to occur before any of these new jobs could exist. The right kind of unemployment can unleash human creativity that will begin a paradigm shift. Please note that unemployment is actually the first and only true sign of economic growth.

(1) The Millionaire Explosion – Your Personal Economy

In 1991, there were 3.6 million households in US with a net worth of $1 million or more. By 2001, the number of US millionaires had doubled. After the economic crash in 2001, people felt they have missed their chance to be a part of the millionaire boom. However, in the four years following 9/11, the number of millionaire households increase to over 10 million. Dr. Paul Zane Pilzer had given his validation to prove that we can easily add another 10 million millionaires over the next decade.

It actually happened as he had predicted, in fact it was more in numbers.

It is still not too late for you to become one of newest millionaires! Want to become one of the few million new millionaires? The answer is contained in the formula:

Wealth (W) = Personal Resource (P) X Technology (T)

Your Personal Resources does not simply refer to your liquid assets. In today’s market, this is also the network of the people you know and who know and respect you (P). And even more than your skills, your ability and willingness to adapt your skills to meet a need in the marketplace are needed (T). Combining your “people” and your “technology” in a creative way can create your new wealth!

So, “Your People - Your Technology – Your Wealth of Opportunity.”

A business administration report says that small businesses account for more than one-half of a nation’s economic output. The large corporation is giving way to the independent contractor and the self-employed entrepreneur. In effect, we are breaking down those huge corporations into their component parts – namely, the individual entrepreneurs. In the past where we might see a corporation going to $1 billion, today we will more likely to see 1,000 individuals each going to $1 million.

So, could your PEOPLE and your TECHNOLOGY address these challenges to create WEALTH for you?

Yes, in the booming Wellness Industry!

(2) The Booming Wellness Industry

Do you know the number one priority of the Baby Boomers (age group 45-60), which constitutes our nation’s largest population?

It is DESIRE. As the people age, they begin to desire the one thing that will allow them to continue to enjoy the wealth they have accumulated – WELLNESS. What good is a vacation home in the mountains if pain prevents you from skiing, hiking or walking? What good is the ability to travel, if even a short walk to the beach leaves you too tired to enjoy yourself? As baby boomers reach their 60’s, Wellness is becoming an investment more and more of our population is turning toward. And while the investment is affordable, the dividends are priceless.

The Sickness Industry Vs the Wellness Industry

The Healthcare Industry is a misnomer. We have spent years calling hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic centers etc. a part of this Healthcare Industry. But taking a closer look we can see that these businesses are truly a part of the Sickness Industry, for you almost never become a customer until you are sick.

The Wellness Industry on the other hand includes products and services that promote Wellness rather than respond to illness. This includes super foods and juices, personal fitness trainers, alternative care such as chiropractic and many more.

The Wellness Revolution

Take a look at the true health and wellness products that are available – pure water, nutritional supplements, juices, pesticide and hormone free foods, anti-ageing therapies and alternative medical care to name just a few. Wellness Industry had barely existed a decade before and is now already more than $1 trillion business will gallop fast over the next few years. Wellness is the industry we all want to be in.

But who is interested in wellness?

The GenXers and GenYers are definitely looking to improve their performance and they represent a significant piece of this market. But the baby boomers are a huge part of it too. This generation is no longer focused on remembering what it was like to be young… They are starting to buy things that are actually making them younger in terms of having a healthier body, more acute senses and a sharper mind!

An Economic Revolution

You can make a fortune in the wellness industry by simply translating your Personal Resources (People) and Technology (Skills). The activity in the wellness industry has just begun. Most people do not even know about many unique wellness products that exist. Today’s wellness opportunities lie not only in the distribution of wellness products, but even more so in the distribution of information – called INTELLECTUAL DISTRIBUTION.

Intellection Distribution: The Opportunity of the Decade

The big retail stores so prevalent in this decade provide an affordable way to purchase things we already know about and want. In today’s self-checkout, cash and carry world, store employees are rarely well informed about the products or even able to recommend anything that has not been heavily advertised.

So how do consumers learn about the new products?

Today, more than ever, consumers learn about the latest products by word-of-mouth and the information that is shared is both Informational and Experiential, which makes it even more effective. While the internet is indeed a source of useful information, it can only give you information on products you ask about. It cannot tell you about something you do not know to ask about. This word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective means available today. The expert passes on not only the how and why, but also adds personal experience and credibility. Teaching consumers about such products and services i.e. intellectual distribution, is the greatest entrepreneurial opportunity now and for the foreseeable future.

Each satisfied wellness customer will begin a lifetime of consumption of products and services that have potential to improve every aspect and moment of their life. This unlimited prosperity to consume wellness products and services will take the wellness industry to $1 trillion and beyond in the coming few years. And once consumers try a product and have a positive wellness product experience, they typically become voracious consumers of more wellness products and services.

(3) The Direct Selling Business Boom – The Opportunity For You

Intellectual distribution becomes a financial opportunity when you begin to benefit from the financial impact of educating the customer and sharing your personal experience and credibility. The best system for intellectual distribution, according to the leading economist’s world over, is the direct selling business. Also called one-to-one marketing, network marketing, referral marketing etc. - this home-based business model takes intellectual distribution to its pinnacle – creating wealth by helping others. Direct selling provides an opportunity open to absolutely everyone, regardless of background, specialized skills or accrued capital worth.

Direct Selling business offers:

  • Greater control over time and activities
  • Low risk, flexible career option
  • No layoffs
  • More time with family and children
  • Less time spent commuting
  • Better balance of work and family life

The Millionaire Explosion

Most people generally think that money is not everything. It is definitely not the most important thing in life and they are right. However, money in fact affects every area of our life that we choose to think is important. If we would take a group of 100 people at the start of their working career at the age of 25 and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age, here is what you will find:

Only 1 will be wealthy;
4 will be financially secure;
5 will continue working, not because they want to, but because they have to;
36 will be dead;
54 will be dead broke, dependent on meager pension, relatives, friends and even charity for a minimum standard of living.

That is 5% successful and 95% unsuccessful.

As shocking as these statistics are, the actuarial department of any major financial institution will confirm their accuracy. Why? What happened to these people? Why did so few make it? What became of their dreams? Their hopes? Their plans? And why is there such a large disparity between what these people intended to do with their lives and what they actually accomplished? What held them back?

Earning money is a subject that is misunderstood by 9 out of 10 people. Our educational system does not impart this knowledge and there is widespread ignorance on such an important subject. Earning money has nothing to do with age, gender, geography, formal education, intelligence, past experience or a host of other reasons we were raised to believe were a pre-requisite to earning a lot of money.

Earning money however has to do with one thing and that is DECISION. You merely decide to learn the strategy to earn money and be specific knowing how much you are going to earn. Approximately 96% of all the money that is earned is earned by only 1% of our population. This small successful group earns money through the system of “Leveraging” i.e. multiplying time through the efforts of self and others by setting up multiple sources of income.

It is to be understood that you are not going to make huge earnings by doing what you have been doing in the past. You are required to have the courage to break out of your old paradigm. Any kinds of change causes discomfort, and if you want to substantially increase your income, that too will cause some discomfort. But keep this in mind; the discomfort you experience will be temporary, but the increased prosperity will be permanent.

The strategy of leveraging is being used by wealthy people dating right back to the ancient Babylonians. These people are aware that working is the worst way to earn money. The masses have been raised and conditioned to believe that you should go to work to earn money. Please remember this: You should go to work for satisfaction and you have to provide service to earn money. If you are one of those people who believe that hard work and honesty alone will bring riches, then perish that thought. It is not true.

As children we were taught to go to school, get good education, and get a job in a big company and be loyal regardless, if you are going to have security. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people in every part of the world walk in the streets today, many of them in a state of shock because they believed that advice and they followed it only to find themselves walking in the street with a resume in a hand, looking for a job.

Their 10-15-25 years of dedicated service were rewarded with a small severance package and a dismissal slip. When a person believes of security in a job and they lose the job, they feel like they have lost everything. They are totally demoralized. Security is an inside thing. If you have not got it there, you have not got it.

Please be assured that regardless of your present situation, you are capable of living your life you may possibly only have dreamed about to this point through direct marketing which is a distribution system that is ushering in the new economy. With direct selling, you can create significant residual income i.e. income that is not dependent upon you to create more effort, but is the residue of your earlier effort.

Strategies for Creating Residual Income:

  • 1) Focus on Distribution versus Sales;
  • 2) Focus on Passive, Nonlinear Income versus Active, Linear Income;
  • 3) Be sure of the Products;
  • 4) Invest in Yourself and in Others;
  • 5) Focus on your people skills more than your technology skills;
  • 6) The Magic of Momentum;

But how it can be achieved?

Direct selling is about “serving other people”. It is about reaching “greater number of people as possible”. Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them. The better you are at teaching about and giving people something that improves their lives, the more successful you can be and more money you can make. Your income is created by you and from the residual efforts of the people you have helped as they continue to consume the wellness product or service you offer.

Direct selling offers a very real solution to millions of people including those who may be impacted by a technological shift or a recession or global meltdown, like the one happening now. Direct selling business owners have extremely low startup costs and virtually no overheads.

Your Next Steps:

  • 1. Investigate a Wellness Product or Service: Make sure it is a product or service you can become passionate about and commit to promote it vigorously;
  • 2. Invest in Education and Training: The total start up investment is usually very low compared to the cost of most other business. This will purchase a business plan and system, as well as access to tools and training, much like a franchisee but without the five lakhs or more in the initial franchisee fees.

Many entrepreneurs choose to own a direct selling system because of the low overhead and flexible (even part-time) hours. But it is the increased quality of life that keeps them forging ahead. Direct selling allows you to schedule your work hours around family priorities, to be able to choose your priorities and live your values. That is why you want wealth, is it not?

Like any other opportunities, owning a direct selling business is not effortless. But it is simple and creates wealth for those who choose to pursue the opportunity. Some scientists predict that most of us will see our 80th birthdays. Even more optimistic, Dr. Deepak Chopra the noted spiritual speaker says we are easily equipped to live up to 120 years. What you will choose to create for the rest of your life? To be honest, 99 percent who read success blogs like the one you are reading right now, do not put what they have learned into practice. What is next if you are among the remaining one percent who is truly committed to greatness?

There is nothing like a time of concentrated learning and application in the association of other excited and dedicated people to propel you into a new level of life. There is a vast difference between saying to yourself “I can do anything”, even believing that the statement is true.

This is my personal invitation – No, my plea for you to join me in this Wellness Revolution. As with everything in life, the decision is yours. I wish that you start living the next years of your life with ever more joy, passion and success.