Nature absolutely abhors a Vacuum

Nature absolutely abhors a vacuum. This means that by giving the old away, you will automatically make room for the new. In other words, you cannot get something until you are willing to give something away. Bear in mind that “giving” means letting go completely or totally abandoning, to another. This is the “Vacuum Law of Prosperity.”

Clearly, this is an extremely difficult concept for a person who is solely attached to the material world, to even comprehend, let alone practice.

This law is incredible which can make a tremendous difference in results in every aspect of your life with a little bit of awareness. Therefore ask yourself, what do you have lying around you that you really do not like? Then just pack it up, give it away and make space for the good that you really do desire.

For example, almost everyone likes to have new clothes but most of them have no room in their closets for hanging any new clothes. In fact, when you hang something in your closet, you probably have to push other clothes aside, just to fit another hanger on the bar. The irony is, however, that many of the clothes that are hanging in your closet, you probably do not even wear.

It is quite possible that some of your clothes may have been expensive, so you are rather reluctant to dispose of them. However, you very well know that some of the clothes which you have been hanging in the closet are hanging there simply because they do not feel comfortable to you when you do put them on. There is something about them you do not like. It is, therefore, strongly suggested to simply give them away. By doing this, you will automatically be making room for the new clothes which are inevitably going to follow. Since “nature abhors a vacuum (or void),” it will only be a relatively short period of time before your closet is once again full of clothes that you really do want to wear.

This process is a never-ending one and you should plan to practice all the days of your life by continually “making space” for the good which you desire. The crucial element of this law is that you must let go of the old before you will ever make room for the new. A word of caution: never sell the articles you no longer want – just give them away. In giving you will also be receiving. On the other hand, if you sell the articles, the money which you receive for them will be “all that you will get,” in the bargain.

You must understand that you can never give too much of anything. Nevertheless, when you do give, fully expect to receive something in return. Very rarely you will receive from that source, to which you gave. But, receive you must, just as surely as rain must fall when two clouds collide.

Remember also, that you are not working with specific individuals or specific things; rather, you are dealing with an infinite power which operates in a very exact way. As a consequence, whenever we wish to receive anything new into our life, we must trigger the process by making room for it.

Unfortunately, there is a very large segment of the population which has an exceedingly difficult time achieving this end. Because of this, these “troubled” individuals often entertain opposing and contradictory ideas, at one and the same time. They live their entire lives in a state of oscillation, thinking “do it, do not do it, do it, do not do it.” This mental state is commonly known as “indecision,” and it leads to considerable mental anguish and confusion. Be aware that “indecision” or “confusion” can be one of the greatest – if not the greatest – cause, of people being held back from accomplishing great things in their lives.

Why do we hold on to the old ideas or things? The primary problem virtually is the same for everyone and lies deep within them. It is because we lack faith in our ability to obtain new ideas or things. This of course, leads to a condition of insecurity, which stems, at its root, from an inability to understand who, and what, you are. And, a lack of awareness of your true relationship with the infinite power will always leave you with a distorted image of yourself.

Therefore, you must reach the point where you realize that your “true self” knows no limits; that in truth, you are quite capable of having, doing or being; virtually anything you desire to be. But when individuals fail to appreciate this basic truth, when they are honestly convinced that their supply is limited and that their real security lies in money or things, they will be afraid to try anything new.

So put the law to test in your own life. Use the ideas of this website and you will find that the law works every time... it never fails.