Shape Your Life With Your Mind

“If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really as true, then there would be little hope of advance.” ~ Orville Wright, American Inventor

Neuroscientists tell us that 95 percent of our thoughts are controlled by our preprogrammed subconscious mind. Instead of actually thinking, you are looking at a “movie” of the past.

If you were not immersed in this nonstop riot of fragmented, old-school thinking, you would be modifying your life at will. You would have no fear around money, you would have nothing but beautiful relationships, and you would be so ecstatically content that it would never occur to you to attend this Workshop or pick up a book like this.

Quite frankly, I am glad you did as these will help you rewrite the outdated thinking that drives your life.

Right now, the planet we call home is spinning at a rate of roughly 930 miles per hour. It is orbiting the sun at an astonishing 66,486 miles per hour. But we are not aware of any such movement. That is just one tiny example of how we distort reality.

The roads and highways of our brains get set up pretty early. When we are born, every possibility exists. Let us take language, for example. Within every newborn is the ability to pronounce every sound in every single language. But very early on, our brains lay down neural pathways that mesh with the sounds we hear every day, eliminating other sounds from other languages.

Everyone who speaks English can pronounce the following phrase: “Rolling Rock really rouses Roland Ratinsky.” But when people from China try to learn English, they no longer have the neural pathways to properly say their r’s, so that is why “fried rice” becomes “flied lice.”

The minute you make an intention, you create it. It is instantaneous. It exists as an actual thing. You do not see it yet because you are still operating from linear time. You are still sold on the old-school adage of “creating things takes time.” So you keep working and waiting.

But here is what physicists tell us. Things, in the quantum world, do not happen in steps. They happen immediately. The thing you intend, the minute you intend it, exists. The physical manifestation remains enfolded outside your current consciousness. Cutting-edge physicists tell us life is multidimensional. But most of us are struck in our one-dimensional physical reality, restricted to what we experience with our five senses.

Take the analogy of a television set. If you have cable, more than 100 channels are yours for the clicking. However, you can only watch one channel at a time. When you are watching, say “Star Plus,” you are completely unaware of the other 99 (or more) channels. That is why it is really important to stay on the channel you want. Tune in only to your intent.

“We live in a world that worships limitations.” ~ Tama Kieves

We stalk negativity. What do we study? Disease, problems, disasters of the past! What do we prepare for? Emergencies! We love to sink our teeth into problems and ask, “What is wrong?” It is an old-school model that sorely needs transformation. Once we begin to look for what is right, our lives begin spinning in unimaginably exciting new directions.

And here is the truth. Every “wrong” thing which in reality is nothing but a foolhardy judgment has a flip side. Lack is the flip side of abundance. Sickness is the flip side of health. Both ideas exist at the same time. Both are true. By choosing to see one aspect, the other equally likely aspect is hidden.

Unfortunately, while living in the consciousness of space and time, you can only observe one side of the coin at a time. But it is important to realize that the other side is just as real and that at any time, you can simply flip it over. Opposites (for example, abundance/lack) are both true. It is a question of which reality you would rather live from.

The purpose of this website is to release you from the imprisonment of your illusions and inhibitions about your own self; to help you set aside the manufactured press release you believe to be reality. The good news is you do not have to change one of your behaviors. All you have to do is change your mind.

Currently, our minds are devoted to things we do not want. Our positive intentions occupy but a tiny sliver of our minds. The rest is focused on the problems we hope the intentions will eliminate. The majority of our brainpower is devoted to the old beliefs of scarcity, problem relationships, and a God who shoots fire bolts from heaven.

The reason 99.9 percent of your mind is still devoted to things you do not want is because that is the world’s default setting, defined as normal, and which is next to impossible to override – though theoretically you know that another way is possible. It is about exploring the new exciting way of living life. But you must make a paradigm shift. Reality is malleable and you can shape your life with your mind.