Think Rich to Get Rich – Power Principles

“If you’re going to work hard anyway, you might as well get rich... and the quicker the better!” ~ The Financial Philosophy of T. Harv Eker (World’s Foremost Business and Personal Success Coach)

Conventional wisdom does not work… never did!

"ThinkRichGetRich Power Principles" are for people who already own a business, for people who want to own a business, and for people who have a job now, but want the security of knowing they can succeed on their own if they leave their job or it leaves them!

You shall now embark upon a journey where you shall learn the truth about RICHES. For me, rich people think very, very differently about money and success than everyone else. You shall discover the seven secrets of wealth you were never told earlier. Our teachers, parents and even well-meaning friends can lead us astray from the path of financial freedom and success. This is simply because many have never experienced true freedom and wealth themselves.

Now, at this time in history nothing could be more important to your financial well-being than knowing and applying the secrets you are about to discover. Focus on what you want – not on what you do not want. Remember, if you think like rich people think and do what rich people do, there is a good chance you will get rich too.

I wish you every success and happiness in your journey which I promise you shall be exciting. I encourage you to take down notes as these shall have far reaching consequences in your life from today onwards and live those values lifelong. This article is a direct motivation from the teachings of great teachers, motivators and successful entrepreneurs.

Introduction: You have always been Rich

Broke is a state of pocket and poor is a state of mind. So from today onwards resolve that you shall never be “poor” again. If you think you will get wealthy just through visualization you are kidding yourself. Consistent, persistent, inspired and massive action is required again and again to rise to the pinnacle.

It is all about choice. You get to do what you want. Live a “Want to” life instead of a “Have to” life. Play to win instead of just playing “Not to Lose.” Everyone has a relationship with money and how they think, speak and feel about money affects their relationship. If your relationship with money is poor it is because of the way you think, feel and speak about it.

It is important that as you become wealthy and make money you do it in a way that matches your values. There are many very humble, quiet wealthy people who have made money doing something they love. Maintain your own values and never deviate from that and you will be a much happier person. If you are sitting worrying about losing money why are you doing it? You were born without money so you know how to make more.

To get to the top you have to get off your bottom. You move forward when you get kicked at the back. So do not be concerned with a criticism which is an aid to grow. Money is the by-product of creating, evolving and discovering how to transform the world around us.

Wealth has nothing to do with anyone’s “start” in life, upbringing, parentage or genetics. Is it education? Obviously not! This is because we are well aware of many massively wealthy people who never received a formal education at all. There is something different about people who has massive amount of money and it is a combination of three critical factors: the actions you take, your positive beliefs or attitudes about wealth and your beliefs about your own ability and worthiness to have money.

Unfortunately, the education system of most countries and a normal upbringing generally destroys the belief about money. Some appreciate it and many regard it as distasteful, downgrading and even evil.

Do know that there are common threads, common principles and common laws of wealth! There are things wealthy people do know which the rest of the world does not. Some people get them naturally and some people have to learn them. But they are there and are powerful and they have been known for centuries. Most people do not like to manage their money. They feel it is suffocating or they will lose some freedom. You have to make a choice: do you want freedom now or do you want freedom for the future. You can have both if you have a strong “Money Management System.” Read biographies, study and talk and learn from people who are already successful. Copy what they do, copy their actions to plant your tree of success for the future.

The most important investment you can make is in your own learning. The work that you do on yourself gives you the greatest returns. I consider myself as wealthy not just because of money but because I am able to travel the world, dealing with different cultures, meeting different people.

Some people are born with a wealthy mindset – they are the blessed ones. For me, I had to train my wealthy mindset through the power of my subconscious mind. This began with affirmations and by creating very vivid images of the wealth I would create and for the level of wealth I deserved.

You will not be wealthy until you speak your truth, until your thoughts and actions are in alignment. Think about all the poor people who are living in the houses they cannot afford, driving cars they cannot afford just to impress the people they do not even know. Who are these people anyway?

From the earliest days of mankind’s attempt to build basic shelters – through the construction of magnificent pyramids of Egypt – all the way to today’s soaring skyscrapers dominating the cities across the globe – all builders knew an immutable fact. Any structure will only survive if it is built on a firm foundation.

The formula for accumulation of wealth, of your riches, of your long-term financial independence and security – the foundation is, quite simply – your “Mindset”. The way you think about money, the words and phrases you subconsciously utter about wealth, the expressions you use in conversations about financial matters with others will determine the likelihood of success or failure of your journey towards the attainment of your financial goals.

Narrated below is the “W.E.A.L.T.H.Y. Way Guideline” to be aware of the words we use with every conversation (internal and external) about money, wealth and financial well-being:

  • (1) How do we achieve the results we want in our lives? Well – the starting point of all results are the WORDS we say to ourselves (inside our minds) and the words we speak to others;
  • (2) Those words ENCODE our belief patterns and make us who we are. A person is a combination of their beliefs and values – what is usually called self-concept;
  • (3) These encoded beliefs give us our ATTITUDE which determines how we look “out” at the world and how we look “in” at ourselves;
  • (4) This attitude in turn generates LEVERAGE of both “away” and “towards” motivation. We are either motivated to move away from such things as pain and poverty or motivated towards such things as pleasure and plenty;
  • (5) The leverage of motivation ensures that we TAKE ACTION and by so doing guarantees that we will HAVE A RESULT. This result may be the one we are looking for or in some cases not the one we want. However, it is only a “result” and not a failure. If the result is not what you want, then take different actions until you experience the result you desire;
  • (6) And finally, in the W.E.A.L.T.H.Y. – the “Y” stands for YOU. Yes, you are responsible for your own thinking, your actions, and your own results. Never blame anyone or anything else, but take personal responsibility and justify enjoying the rewards you will surely achieve.

To sum up, the W.E.A.L.T.H.Y. (seven words) Way Process can be summed up in the following seven words: “WHAT YOU SAY – WILL BE THE WAY!”

MINDSET: Making the Secrets Work for You

There are two areas to consider when creating wealth:

  • (1) The tangible data such as specific investment returns, and
  • (2) The intangible data – which is you and your attitude, your beliefs and your behaviors, in short what is your mindset like?

Having the right and positive mindset enables you to learn the tangible things, whereas no amount of specific information or detailed knowledge will ever make you wealthy unless you believe it to be possible for you.

There are two kinds of economy: the general economy which is for the masses and your personal economy. Your personal economy can fall in line with the mass economy or it can be winning, growing, succeeding and creating wealth despite the mass economy.

Remember, you have no control over the worldwide markets, governments or billions of other people and their investments. However, you can manage and control your economy. It is not what happens in the economy that makes the difference; it is how you respond to what happens that will make all the difference in the world.

The biggest mistake is to think that you are the smartest person in the room. Seek out mentors who can help you. One of the greatest joys in life is learning. When you stop learning, you stop living. Real wealth is emotional well-being and a sense of achievement, not just money in the bank. When you work for money you are its slave. When you get money working for you – YOU become its master.

Being concerned with what others think of you is a terrible investment. Be concerned about how you can offer service to others about something you are passionate about. Do know that you mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open? Since everything that has ever been created or invented by a human was first imagined in the mind, it is very important to control your thoughts in the direction of the desired result.

First you get the thought, then you share your goal with everyone you meet, make it your magnificent obsession. Then take the actions every day by thinking of your desired results. Winners dwell on the desired result. Losers dwell on the penalties of failure.

There are two Mindsets:

  • (1) The Abundance Mindset that promotes wealth;
  • (2) The Scarcity Mindset that promotes the need to compete, grab and protect what you have.

The abundance mindset and mentality means that you see that in the Universe everything is expanding and moving outward not collapsing in on itself but creating more of everything. Always remember that great inventions and creations are made in a downturn in the economy. When things are going well people coast. When things are not going so well winners reach within themselves.

To gain the wealthy mindset, look for problems and then look for the solutions. Wealthy people think how they can save other people’s time and money. When you do that, you have all the money and the time to spend it.

There is nothing more worthy and more valuable in the world to invest in than into you! Your potentiality, your growth, your awesomeness, your amazing ness and your creativity and the power of you are the most valuable things you have. As you invest in your own personal development, the richer and bigger and more knowledgeable you become as a person. So think about what you carry inside of you. If you have more information, more power, more set of skills then people will want and invest in you.

Wealth is what you have left when you have lost all of your money. Money is temporary; it is only ink on paper. Wealth is permanent. It is your network, your set of skills, your passion, your resources, your talents and your resources. This explains the situations we see when we see billionaires who have lost great sums of money – because they never lost their wealth and they were able to rebuild their fortune.

Write your belief as an affirmation and read through your affirmations last thing at night and first thing in the morning. Practice the belief in the comfort of your home and then further in the field. The idea is to “fake it till you make it.” Celebrate your every success on the road to achieving the belief. Reward yourself with treats and acknowledgement, and make this part of your treasure map.

In short, “create your own prophesy about wealth which you then bring into reality. Live your life as though all your dreams have come true and challenge reality to catch up. Failure is simply a part of the system. If you want to go beyond what you know then you will discover what you do not know and in the process you are going to be cut short.

Success will include failure. There is no creativity without passivity, no love without anger and no light without darkness. Opposites are an important part of the system. In order to receive you have to start to give. Look at what you can give. It can be your time, effort, hearing, love, money, guidance or a simple pat at the back.

If you are struck up in your life at any moment of life, look at what you are able to give. This lets the Universe know that you are ready to receive. Some people build wealth for their own satisfaction, some for their family, and some for the community, some for the city, state or country and some for humanity! The greater the cause, the greater is the potential for wealth.

If you focus on opportunities, that is what you will find! If you focus on obstacles that is also what you will find.

Whatever you focus one is the thing that will expand. So to attract your wants simply focus on them. Create your life by your thoughts. Thoughts lead to feelings, feelings leads to actions and actions leads to results.

We live in four worlds out of which there are three inner worlds: The Mental, The Emotional and The Spiritual. The outer world is The Physical. The condition of the first three determines the success of the fourth. The absolute key to success is your mind and how you think. You think rich – You get rich. Our money blueprint has been ingrained in our subconscious mind from the time we were born and confirmed by what surrounded us when we were small.

The good news is – it can be changed. A lack of money is never a problem; it is only a symptom of your inner world and a faulty money blueprint. Wealthy people are lucky! But it is not the luck that has made them wealthy. It is how they responded. Everyone is lucky! You are reading this article today. LUCKY YOU! Now what will you do with the luck you have?

Wealthy people respond to lucky environments because of their education, certainty and self-confidence. The fastest way to get a wealthy mindset is to hang around with wealthy people and the easiest way to do this is to get into a mentoring programme with someone who has already done what you are trying to do. Notice how they think and pretty soon their mindset becomes your mindset.

So now let us move forward together and examine each of the seven secrets in details as we begin our journey to RICHES!

SECRET # 1: The Secret of Happiness

In his famous book “David Copperfield”, Dickens wrote a memorable line for one of the characters: Mr. Micawber.

Talking to young Copperfield, Micawber says:

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen and sixpence – result HAPPINESS!”

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and sixpence – result MISERY!”

And there we have it – the secret known by the ancients, the secret disclosed by Dickens, the secret known to every single wealthy individual since time began…

Happiness is created by: Your ability to control your income and expenditure flows! Anyone who wants to control the flow of their money must have an iron grip on what goes out and what comes in. Work on your strengths and hire your weaknesses! If you are not good at managing cash and overspend then hire someone to help you with a budget.

Resist the temptation to build personal debt as it makes you feel guilty as if there is a dark cloud hanging over you. As you save money, you attract new opportunities and new ideas. You have better clients and you stabilize your business. You also have more certainty in your life and whoever has the most certainty in their life attracts the most money.

However many coins go in the purse, at least one less must come out! This is the first and most obvious secret of wealth.

Fundamental control of your money:

  • 1. Pay your bills first;
  • 2. Then save 10% for your investments;
  • 3. Change the balance into cash;
  • 4. Put the cash into four envelopes;
  • 5. Open one envelope at the start of each week

At the end of the month you know that you have not overspent and you have saved and invested your 10%. Well done!

Compare two people! One earns Rs. 15,00,000 per annum and the other Rs. 1,50,00,000. Which one is better off? Well you could think that it is the one who earns the most. No! It is whoever saves and invests the most and that can easily be the person who earns Rs. 15,00,000. Young people are more volatile and older people are more stable. Warren Buffet had said “Until you can manage your emotions, do not expect to manage your money”.

Time and distance traveled compounds the effect of error. Think about any sport where an object is sent towards a target. It might be bowling, darts, archery, tennis or golf. The slightest error made at the point of impact will be compounded by time and distance traveled. It is therefore essential to measure our progress and table the necessary corrective action to ensure we meet the stated objective.

When you manage money well, you receive more money to manage. Imagine your income as the flow of river. If the banks are tight and strong, then your income becomes stronger and safer and more focused. If the walls are tight, you can harness the flow.

SECRET # 2: The Secret of Nature

The Super Rich understand that the money left over (in the purse) becomes a wealth seed – something to be planted for the future. The more seeds we plant, the more secure our financial future will be. If we plant enough seeds in enough places we can make sure we have riches today, tomorrow, next year and every year well into our – and our children’s future. Understand that some seeds grow quickly and some slowly, but as long as they grow they all contribute to your greater wealth.

If we can plant those seeds so that they can be compounded and all the earnings are then re-invested so you then get interest on the interest. This wealth seed then becomes incredibly valuable to you and your future security and financial well-being. Parkinson’s Law says, “Expenses always rise to meet income”. No matter how much most people make, they spend the same amount and sometimes even more on credit cards and loans. So the key is to keep breaking Parkinson’s Law! Spend less than you earn and save the balance. Save 10% or more on a regular basis, let it grow and invest it! You will become financially independent.

If you take a Rs. 10 note and spend it today, you believe that you are spending Rs. 10. When in reality if you had saved, invested and managed that Rs. 10 it could have grown to maybe Rs. 50, Rs. 100 or Rs. 500. So, for every rupee you spend today, you may be spending Rs. 100 of tomorrow’s money. Save the money, and then spend the money. Save it first.

We may not know all the 7 wonder’s of the world but do know that the 8th wonder is “Compound Interest” which earns money for you while you sleep! It is your slave that works for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year, year in year out.

Some investments are riskier than others. While we may start with the safest or lowest-risk investment, we must eventually learn how to cope with bigger risk. It is where we get bigger returns for our money. Risk can sometimes be difficult to evaluate. So let us start with a risk escalator.

The Lowest-Risk Investment: Is to keep the money in a bag under the bed – or is it? The challenge with this ‘nest’ for your money is that it will not grow, but will decrease in its purchasing power. Over time, this cash in a bag under your bed is the riskiest of all investments purely because other places we can invest, on average over time, will grow at some rate.

The Next Higher Risk Tier: Deposit your money to receive a pre-determined rate of interest over a given time. Most Government has savings schemes of some kind that will pay interest, but normally at a very low level. The point here is that Governments are meant to be the most secure place for your savings, so the lowest rate of return. Then we have institutions such as major banks. They are next in the line and they can represent solid reliability and give a slightly better rate of interest.

Then the Next Higher Tier of Risk Escalator: Low-Risk Property or Low-Risk Equity type of investments. Here the return is limited but higher than the previous tiers, but the risk is small too. Within each asset class or investment type such as property, equities or mutual funds, there is a separate risk escalator.

For example investing in shares of a major company such as “CRISIL” carries less risk than investing in shares of a small, unknown, inexperienced company. You can always spread your risk for higher returns in equity investments by following the Systematic Investments Route with mutual funds of reputed houses.

Risk is based on two main things: (1) The investment itself and (2) YOU. Obviously the stability, acumen and track record of the investment is vital. But the more educated you are, the investments made by you will be less risky, as your own knowledge will reduce the risk taken. So keep on learning. When you profile your own approach to risk, consider three points:

  • (1) The more certain the return, the less will be the return. Guaranteed returns are normally low;
  • (2) Your own knowledge will reduce the risk;
  • (3) Spread your risk. Invest in some ‘certainties’ and some ‘speculative’ ventures. Invest in a little bit of property and few equities. Spread your savings over different institutions for different periods and different rates.

This shall ensure that you always have something and you will protect your wealth overall, ensuring that you have some today, some tomorrow and some for the future. Every book you read, every audio you listen to, every DVD you watch, and every seminar you attend is a seed planted for your future.

We may not be aware of how much we spend on tea/coffee, cigarettes (or other incidentals) each month. Research tells us that it is likely to be about 10% of our income per month spent, or perhaps wasted. It is important to direct this ‘wastage’ into a more productive area as this small amount of money is a wealth seed that can be planted for the future. Remember it takes time for seeds to grow. They have to be planted, nurtured and only when they are ripe, harvested. We need to be patiently impatient. If you want to harness the power of compound interest here are two great strategies:

  • (a) Start Small
  • (b) Start as early as possible

Sadly, most people see small amounts as irrelevant because they are so small. The process is slow, but is painless. There are fast ways to wealth and slow ways and some are easier than others and some carry more risk. Use them all and start with the small painless way. It is interesting that people who have no savings spend their money on tension relieving activities rather than goal achieving activities. Invest in products you like, which resonates with your values. If you are a person who advocates “Wellness”, then maybe you should buy shares of companies like “Zydus Wellness” or “Talwalkars.” (Note: This is not a recommendation to buy the shares of these companies and I personally do not have any personal interest in these).

Wealth is what you have left when you have lost all of your money. Money is temporary; it is only ink on paper. Wealth is permanent. It is your network, your skill sets, your passion, your resources and your talents and reputation. Wealth is therefore all of the intangible stuff. So if you want more money start by increasing your wealth.

SECRET # 3: The Secret of Contentment

This is a secret of learning to use and invest other people’s money for your own wealth building projects. You need to understand the advantage of leverage or borrowing.

Why? Because sadly, we will never have riches purely from what we earn and save; there is not enough time to make a significant difference. If we are spending our time swapping our time for money, we will run out of one (time) before we accumulate enough of the other (money).

You have to understand the big difference between “consumer debt” and “investment debt”. Fundamentally, consumer debt is about debt taken on to gratify small and petty purchases such as the flashy clothes, a trendy diamond necklace or even a new car. But with investment debt the only decision to be made is “Is it a good debt or a bad debt?” Good debt is any borrowing taken out at any interest rate as long as the rate of return (or money earned from it) is bigger.

Borrowing at 5% when you can earn 8% from it is good debt. Borrowing at 5% and getting a 3% return is clearly a bad debt. There should a dividend or a business return or some rent coming from the investment which you must use to make the loan repayments, otherwise you have to pay from your own resources, and that is not sustainable in the long term.

The way you manage money depends on your values. If you not value savings and investing and if you do not value yourself, your money will disappear. When tackling personal debt, it is conventional to pay off the biggest one first (the one with the highest rate of interest). Since wealth creation is 80% and 20% behavioral, pay off the smaller debts first to give you momentum and some quick wins.

Even when paying off your debts, regularly pay into your savings instruments. Because if you are not in the habit of saving when the debt is paid off, you will probably just run up another debt. If in debt, a good strategy is to total up all of your debt then break it down into how much you need to repay each year. Then break it down to monthly, weekly, daily and then hourly repayments. Then convert that hourly amount into units of your service or product (whatever it is that you do to earn money). Then focus on serving as many people as you can.

Golden Rule: When you focus on Service, your debt goes down and when you focus on Debt, your service goes down.

SECRET # 4: The Secret of Possibility

This secret is the ability to see every opportunity coming your way and grasping the ones you want. There are opportunities whizzing past your nose every day, but there is a knack to spotting them. The biggest problem most people have is that they trade their time for money for an hourly rate. Trading time for money breaks wealth rule No: One (Happiness). Never have a ceiling on your earnings.

Why do some people become richer than others when they have the same background and same opportunities? It is because of the values that someone has installed inside of themselves. They have an innate ability to see the value of who they are. They use that value to have more money and more of anything they want. When charting your course to success, no amount of wealth is worth sacrificing your integrity. That would create an emotional debt that is far greater than any financial debt you can imagine.

In business problems are opportunities. You are a problem solver and the simplest and the easiest way to find lots and lots of opportunities is to find lots of problems. All you do is solve those problems with quality and the end result is riches. Luck is what happens when the prepared mind meets an opportunity. So get yourself prepared and then go and grab some for yourself.

Finding opportunities (possibilities) involves preparation, education, development and awareness of yourself, your skills and your own local wealth environment. When rich people spot an opportunity, they grab it and think “what can I do with this?” Other people think “what could go wrong with this?” How do you think?

People with goals are telling the Universe that they have direction. People without goals are willing to take direction. Make it happen. You should not be afraid to act on a gut feeling or an intuition. Take action on an opportunity that motivates you.

Assumption and preparation are two powerful words in creating opportunities. Opportunities are all around you. They are not coming to you, as that puts it is the future. They are all around you now. Get as much training as you possibly can, in all areas. Educate yourself (irrespective of your age and educational background) and make sure you have an amazing support network in place.

If you can, get a coach and a mentor and make sure you surround yourself with people who want you to achieve. Remember, not a bit of education, coaching, mentorship is wasted. Sign up for newsletters, read websites, success stories, biographies of people who have achieved what you want to achieve. Constantly keep your mind open and growing.

In hard financial times there are the best opportunities to make real wealth. Real estate is cheap; the share market is down so shares are cheap; business is going bust, so can be bought easily and many more. When you invest in your skills and knowledge, you lose the fear of loss of money because you know you can make it all back again.

Our relationship with money reflects our relationship with ourselves. If we do not feel totally worthy, lovable and deserving, it will be harder for us to accept lots of money. Fake it before you make it! You need to trick your mind because all success is created in the mind first. Act, look, think and be successful.

To be EXTRAORDINARY at ANYTHING, you need to choose simply the following (in order):

CONCENTRATION: Really focus your attention;

DISCRIMINATION: Decide what you will focus your attention upon;

ORGANISATION: Your ability to turn chaos into order;

INNOVATION: Find the best way to do it;

COMMUNICATION: is your ability to touch others and be touched by others.

SECRET # 5: The Secret of Balance

In order to be truly rich we need to protect ourselves and our wealth by spreading the risk. Ideally this comes by investing in a variety of different opportunities in three areas: Business, Equities/Shares and Land/Property. Within these three categories also, we have to diversify. The Business can be service-based (training) or a tangible product like selling Wellness products.

Trading in Equities may have a variety of strategies, buy and hold, options trading, day trading, gold trading, commodity trading and so on. Land and Property can be anything from a small rental apartment to a massive development. Some generate regular income and some generate lumps of capital; but all are great.

It is not hard to start a business with no money. You have “sweat equity”; you have your “mental, physical and emotional heart” to invest into growing a business. It is about having energy; lots of determination; willingness to try over and over again.

The wealthy have Multiple Sources of Income (MSI). Having one source of income is like having one set of clothes, when the clothes get worn out – you end up naked. Having only one stream of income is like balancing one leg all of the time. But do remember to really focus on one stream at a time. Trying to set up MSI’s at the same time can just create a multiple stream of problems. Do one stream first, master it and then move into the second and so on. There is no need to force it, just allow it to develop over time.

It is wise to diversify your strategies, but not outside your realm of understanding. Strategies build Wealth – Emotions destroy Wealth. Always be careful about how you make money in your business. Money can transfer feelings. So make sure the money is coming to you out of joy and satisfaction and not out of fear and anxiety.

Research shows that 80% of all self-made millionaires in any currency (including me) are “rags to riches entrepreneurs” who started with nothing and had started their own business. Simply find a product or service that people want and will pay for. Sell it for a profit and keep reinvesting the profits.

80% of your chances to become wealthy are contained in starting and growing your own company. It is within your ability to become an entrepreneur. And in today’s economy, there are more chances to do this now than in any other time in the history of mankind. The best time to start a business in NOW! There is never a perfect time if you wait. Start now! Procrastination is the death of opportunity.

You should not swap time for money. Your time is valuable. It is one of the greatest gifts you have on this planet. Do not give it away at an hourly rate. Be paid for who you are inside. Build wealth by earning worldwide from your gifts, your talents, your thoughts, your projects and your ideas.

Running a business requires balance. Work every minute for a long period and you lose family, friends and your health. Working too little in your business may not be enough to make it a success. Enjoy your business and strike a balance. Remember, the passive income that comes in from your endeavors when you are out with your family, friends or on holiday creates a real work life balance.

SECRET # 6: The Secret of Perspective

Having learnt the first five secrets, we now can start to look at the bigger picture. The secret to perspective is about long term regularity and application of the principles “over time”. It is about perseverance and keeping going. Follow the “Rupee Cost Averaging” method by which you constantly average down the purchase price of any asset over a time by buying that asset little and often. This principle applies to any business, especially in stocks and shares and buying properties.

The theory is this: “If we are a net purchaser of any asset, we always want the price to be falling and we buy more stock of whatever it is as the price falls and then sell that stock when the price starts to rise.”

If you follow this formula you will always then be able to sell each item at a profit as long as you sell that item for a price above your average net cost of all purchases. This is the Warren Buffet formula to create wealth in the long term.

Suppose you buy Rs. 100 of a share every month for a year. So, your total investments: Rs. 1,200. If we know that price of each share is Rs. 2 for the first 6 months and Rs. 1 for the next 6 months then logic tells us that the average price of each share must be Rs. 1.50. But it is not!

Month 1 to 6, investment is: Rs. 100 X 6 = Rs. 600 at Rs. 2 per share buys = 300 shares. Month 7 to 12: investment is: Rs. 100 X 6 = Rs. 600 at Rs. 1 per share buys = 600 shares.

At the end of 12 months you have spent Rs. 1,200 and you have 900 shares. So, your average purchase price of your share is actually not Rs. 1.50 but Rs. 1.30 (Divide 1200 by 900).

Amazing! Is it not? Obviously this is a simplified example, but the principle is fundamental – buying regularly over time using this method will reduce the cost of your asset purchases and will provide bigger profits when you sell. This principle is fantastic because it means we can always make profits without having to identify exactly where the bottom or top of any particular market or trend is. But remember, creating riches is a life long skill and not a short term one.

In a volatile market situation some people get scared and step out of the market and some lose money. So in a tough economy, the loss of someone can be your gain. Learning and studying every day about financing and building knowledge of cash flow could be the savior of the business.

Become intentionally lucky! Be intentional about what you want. Set the goal and plan the steps towards something that:

  • (a) Makes you happy;
  • (b) Helps you build your financial freedom.

My personal mentor had once asked me five simple questions which changed my life. They are (a) What will you stop doing? (b) What will you do less of? (c) What will you keep doing? (d) What will you do more of? (e) What will you start doing? Ask yourself these questions often. At least once a month and see the difference.

Wealth and Prosperity are simply a state of mind. If you know that, you can lose money and then make it back again. You free yourself from the fear of loss. Persistency and Consistency separates the wheat from the chaff. Most people do not get rich quickly. Rich people build their business over time. Being consistent is critically important to build wealth.

The biggest problem in society is instant gratification. Those that can delay gratification, take a percentage of what they earn and invest it in their future, where it will benefit from the rest of their lives. Pay the price of success by delaying gratification. Winners will delay gratification and will do anything and everything today to build their future. Most people who grow rich do it methodically, strategically. They have patience and look at the long term. Long term vision pays; instant gratification costs.

Make commitments before knowing the playing field. Make the commitment first then you will come across the obstacles. This is when persistence and willingness to act pays off. If you want to achieve greater financial success, align all your actions with who you are. The real builders of wealth are those who (a) Have the willingness to serve people (b) Have the willingness to structure a savings program and (c) Have the willingness to stick with it.

SECRET # 7: The Secret of Peace

We are now nearing the end of our journey of discovery, and the seventh secret is just this: sitting and doing nothing. I sincerely hope you get to this place because most people then turn to philanthropy in some way and start giving to others; this is the most magnificent place to be.

This seventh and final secret is where the money flows into our purse from land and property, business and share trading – all without any physical effort from ourselves via the system or the process of wealth we have already established. The vision of having a passive income while you lie on a beach is exciting. The challenge is that we have to do something first so that we can get paid over and over again. So you might have to buy a property and paint it once, or you might have to write that work, design that workshop or seminar, make that product, you have to come up with that invention once.

One of the biggest dangers of swapping time for money is that it puts a limit on your value. How can you say you are worth millions if you allow someone else to determine your worth? Poor people swap time for money and successful people make money work for them through passive incomes such as rent, dividends, and the best passive income of all, royalties.

Everyone in the world has a good book within them that can bring them a steady stream of royalties. Having a wealthy mindset comes down to believing that you are worthy; worthy of greatness, worthy of getting what you want and worthy of financial success. Financial freedom is not linked to how much money you have. Financial freedom is “knowing” you could walk away from it all and know that you could make it all again.

Most people try to get paid either before or during their 30 days of work. The super wealthy put in the work first and then get paid multiple times for the rest of their life. Passive income means that every minute of every day money flows on you like a rainfall. Tap into sources in the Universe to get the money flowing to you. Money is coming from every avenue and every nook and cranny in the Universe striving towards you. So how does it work?

Well, there are several ways. You can invest on yourself; you can invest on others, invest in property, and create ancillary products so that money comes to you while you sleep. It is not about your hard work, it is about you connecting to all the wealth and opportunities in the world, tapping into all of the flow and wealth and sources of the Universe.

The income you receive will always equal the outcome someone else receives. We have a choice – focus on creating a fabulous outcome for just one person and bring reward accordingly. Perhaps a better strategy is to focus on creating a positive outcome for many people and by so doing enjoy greater rewards.

The best opportunity to balance work and home life is to have a passive income. The best passive income is to sell your talents or a service that enhances someone else’s life. And what you sell can then be sold around the world 24/7. As per a recent statistics, if a person retires at the age 65, they live on average 19 months. If someone is still working past 65, they live on average 17 more years. People are retiring not to live but to die!

So to live, start a business, use investments, buy property, trade on the stock market or Forex, and earn royalties & one of the best vehicles, use the Network Marketing Business option. Choose the one most in line with your passion, because that is the one you are going to be motivated to actually do.

AND THEN FINALLY: Celebrate Your Achievements: Conclusions

We have completed an extraordinary journey to understand the fundamental laws and secrets of wealth. The Babylonians knew it, the Romans knew it, the Greeks knew it and our own ancient civilization gives an ample proof in their scriptures.

We know that if we:

  • Control income & expenditure
  • Plant wealth seeds
  • Understand debt
  • Grasp opportunities
  • Create balance & diversity in our wealth
  • Persevere and apply the secrets constantly and consistently and …
  • … aim to get our wealth coming to us passively at all times

Then we have a solid structure of continual wealth creation bringing us our desired goals, dreams and riches.

These secrets are simple, yet effective and actually work. We know every major wealth creator worldwide applies the same principle in different ways to their own circumstances and situations. And yet even though we can stand on the shoulders of these giants and see, still not every person will become wealthy.

Why is it so? This is because many people do not yet have the balance of the beliefs that wealth is possible combined with this practical knowledge. Wealth is a combination of the two and a balance of the two: self-belief and knowledge is equal measure.

And finally, beyond everything we have discovered there is one other vital ingredient, and that is YOU and the actions you take. We have traveled and yet we still need to keep traveling because it is when we act on our knowledge, we become truly successful and it is when we apply what we know, we really achieve our potential. Furthermore, it is when we advance with positive and secure steps towards riches we become liberated, powerful and self-fulfilled.

I wish you health, happiness and all the RICHES your heart desires. BEGIN Now … You need to start YOUR own personal journey to RICHES and the time to start is NOW.