Are You Prepared for the Future?

By 2040, we will need minimum Rs 10 Lac per month for our Household expenses. The objective of this presentation is to spread awareness about the importance of retirement savings and create an urgency to act so that the salaried professionals can manage cash flows comfortably.

Most young professionals of this decade would be retiring (or will be forced to) by 2040. A quick look at how our monthly expenses have grown over the last century indicates that we will need minimum Rs 10 Lac per month just to manage our basic requirement like food, cloth and shelter by 2040.

Monthly Household expenses of an average Indian Household:

Year Average household expenditure (monthly)
1920 Rs 1
1940 Rs 10
1960 Rs 100
1980 Rs 1000
2000 Rs 10000
2020 Rs 100000 (estimated)
2040 Rs 1000000 (estimated)
2060 ???????

How are we going to get Rs 10 Lac a month every month post our retirement? While the figure looks scary, fortunately it can be managed, provided we have already started acting on it or at least start taking proactive action from now onwards.

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