Rise like a Phoenix

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We Burst into Flames to Rise again from the Ashes!!

This program, “Rise like a Phoenix”, says that your fundamental core consciousness, your spirit, is indeed timeless. Your mind is time-bound, your body is time-bound, but your spirit is timeless. So consciousness is at the core, every thought, every emotion, every behavior first arises in consciousness. So consciousness is what ultimately results in cognition, in motion, in speech, in personal relationships, in social interactions and in the environments which you create for yourself. The consciousness is the most fundamental part of the program as well.

There are people who by changing the way they thought about themselves, about the spirit, about human potential reached the path of enlightment. It is different for each person. There are now many studies that have looked at people who have enlightenment experiences and they have some common features. The first has to do with cognition or how they think. They become spectators of their own thoughts. They are not victimized by their thoughts. The second thing that happens is that people who have enlightenment experiences are not victimized by emotions and they do not get drawn into the melodrama that you see around yourself in society. They have healthy emotions like love, kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity.

So the first aspect is thinking, the second is emotion, the third is memory. The people who have enlightenment experiences are not burdened by memory, and yet they have a very clear memory when they want to recall it. The fourth is how they experience perception. They have a very vivid present moment perception. Colors are more vivid, sounds are more acute, and everything is like a beautiful multi-dimensional, multi-sensory delightful experience. Many people say that the experiences they may have had on something was like LSD or a hallucinogen. It is very invigorating. Those are the very important features that are very common.

Other features include synchronicity and the loss of fear of death. As we look into more of these experiences we see there are stages of so-called enlightenment. Waking, sleeping and dreaming are the ordinary states of consciousness, but beyond that you have soul consciousness, divine consciousness, unity consciousness and the brain behaves differently in these states of consciousness.

Short tour of the program:

The first part is changing perceptions of aging, of our body as an activity rather than a structure and experiencing time in a different way. When we do that, our biological clock responds. The second is the value of sleep and mind-body techniques and meditation. The third is nutrition, which restores self-repair mechanisms, nutrition’s that is high in vital chemicals. Basically these are self-repairing chemicals found in a plant-based diet, and also spices and herbs. Then there is the youthful mind and lastly about exercise that is joyful. These are based on very good studies and form the basis of a new science called “Epigenetics”. This is based on how we think, how we feel, our behavior, our nutrition and the way we manage stress and emotions can actually change the expression of our genes and alter our cellular biology including the genetic expression of aging. It is based on really solid research that has been done by various institutions. So, in essence, that is the program.

There have been studies over the years that have concluded that there can be a reversal of the ageing process by fifteen to twenty years through lifestyle changes which are thoroughly discussed in the program.

Ultimate take away from the program:

People will feel very empowered in that they can influence how they age, the quality of their life and possibly the quality of the last few years of life where there is so much suffering that we see. In many parts of the world people do not die in hospitals and they do not necessarily die with the kind of suffering that we see with very invasive procedures. They die peacefully at home. There is something that we all want to look forward to; that our senior years are full of joy, energy, mental clarity and peace and equanimity and comfort in the last few months of life.

Say, after about 20-30 years from now, if humanity follows programs like these, then unless we blow ourselves up through a nuclear accident or a climate change accidentally causes hundreds of millions of refugees, not only would the suggestions, if implemented, would improve individual well-being but also community well-being. We may have a chance to reach critical mass to create a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthy and happy world.

Workshop Designed by: Dr. Debi Prasad Acharjya
D.Hon., DCNT, B.Sc.(Gold)
(Unlock Potentials – Expand Possibilities)