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Welcome to “Building Your Network Marketing Business” with Success Life Creation.

It is so much fun to travel the country; talk to world leaders of Network Marketing Industry; deliver lectures or conducting seminars and workshops, especially for me, a shy boy from Jabalpur who worked meritoriously for long 32 years in officer’s rank of a Nationalized Bank. But I did not have many skills when I was first introduced to my very first network marketing opportunity about 20 years back. I was a very good Bank officer with a very fragile health condition. The remuneration was just enough for survival. That was it.

But when I was introduced to network marketing, health and nutrition, a marketing system way back in 2004, where I could started at the bottom, went up to the top working part-time, it literally revolutionized and changed my life forever.

A big share of my story now is sharing with people this extraordinary opportunity and the philosophy that makes it work. You can have every technique in the world and the best product in the world and you can have the finest support system in the world, but unless you have the philosophy that drives you to do the necessary things to make it work, then nothing works.

So I like to talk about all the things that made it work for me. I am sure they will be valuable to all others who are pursuing this trade seriously.

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