Have you ever thrown a boomerang? Typically, a boomerang is made of wood and has two or more arms or airfoil wings connected at an angle. When thrown correctly the spinning creates unbalanced aerodynamic forces that curve its path and returns to its point of origin.

A mental boomerang is similar to its famous Australian throwing stick. When you throw focused, positive or negative mental energy away from you, it returns to you in the form of how you sent it. Sometimes it is immediate. “Good morning! I hope you had an amazing evening,” the mental boomerang thrower said with a smile as she entered the room. Positive energy sent will eventually be returned the same. Unfortunately, negative, mental boomerangs work the same.

Here are seven tips on creating a positive, mental boomerang.

  • Compliment – “You look awesome” or “I love your outfit” are statements that make the receiver feel good. Sending positive energy will generate a return compliment or at least a big smile, especially if it is thrown with sincerity;
  • Upgrade your greeting – An uplifting response to a generic “How are you?” such as “I am awesome!” or “The best I have ever been” will return a positive reaction;
  • Giving – Small gifts of advice, guidance, instruction, referral, or appreciation (without seeking a return) will definitely return gifts to you;
  • Smile – A boomerang smile will return to you;
  • Ask great questions – Great questions return great answers. Ask about another’s children, significant other, or their pet projects and you will see what happens;
  • Good vibes – When you think of anyone, see them smiling. See them in a positive light. A great teacher sends positive boomerangs by picturing a student’s success especially to one that is failing. A great coach sends positive vibes by seeing a superstar when everyone else sees a marginal performer. Send the vibes;
  • “I believe in you.” – Delivering this positive, power statement can change a life and the lives of all they touch. The boomerang return positively comes back to leaders, teachers, coaches, spouses, parents and friends.

Bottom Line:

Send out positives and positives return. Send out negatives and the boomerang return will have you flinching and ducking like in the picture at the top.

Start throwing an assault of positive, mental boomerangs to all you meet. Positive returns will eventually find you.

Stay in the Zone!!

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