The most recent theoretical studies suggest that the maximum human lifespan is 125 years. If you want to have impact, you must be around long enough to be a person of impact.

If the above is true (which it is), then why are we not living to 125? Obviously, we are doing something wrong.

Lack of exercise, GMO’s, hormones, microwaves, fast food, dead foods, wrong dead acidic water and beverages and many other toxins are stealing not only your life force, but your life itself!

These poisons affect your mind as well.

The only time you are not totally vibrant, vital and alive is when you are doing something to disconnect yourself from your unlimited power source.

Plug back in!

The two primary assets you have been given by your creator are your mind and your energy. How are you doing with these assets?

Everything you do is determined by these two tools that you have at your disposal. If you do not have these right tools set right, you will not be able to create the results you desire and deserve.

These two assets are so intricately interwoven that discussing one without the other is unjust. But please realize that everything affects everything. Your mind affects your energy; and your energy affects your mind.

Let us discuss your psychology and mindset first.

Most people are anxious to improve their circumstances, but they are unwilling to improve themselves. They therefore remain bound.

There is no denying or arguing that we live in a rapidly changing world. Rapid change tends to cause fear.

We are all creatures of habit; and whether we like to admit it or not, we like things to be predictable. Predictability gives a false sense of security.

Unpredictability on the other hand, tends to set off what psychologists call our “Negativity Bias.” We all have it. It is a part of our heredity and genealogy. This negativity bias keeps us looking for danger and things that may go wrong versus opportunity and things going right.

Your greatest battle, as well your greatest opportunity, is to defeat this monster of “The Resistance” within.

Defeating “The Resistance” within is a lifelong pursuit. It is a 24/7/365 job. Even when you teach leadership and performance this still holds true.

None of us is immunized. But we can build more mental and emotional strength by going to the mental gym day after day.

Science now tells us that your brain is plastic. In the studies of neuroplasticity, we realize that not only can the brain build new neurons – it can literally change its structure.

But do not be fooled into thinking that it is easy. It is not!

Change is hard. That is why most people do not do it.

Recognition is the first law of learning and transformation. Once you recognize something, only then can and will you take steps to improve it.

The second recognition, following negativity bias, is that most of us have been programmed into what Carol Dweck’s research from Stanford calls a “Fixed Mindset” versus a “Growth Mindset.”

You have most likely been programmed by society with a “Fixed Mindset” versus a “Growth Mindset.” It is not your fault. But it is your responsibility.

This is a much lengthier conversation than we can have here. But suffice to say that a Fixed Mindset causes you to be risk averse. It causes you to fear making “mistakes.”

A Growth Mindset on the other hand embraces mistakes; it knows that the only way to truly grow is to push off from the known into the dark unknown.

Your greatest teacher is most often your last mistake.

A Growth Mindset can be developed. Three strategies to develop this powerful mindset are:

Recognize: Notice “The Resistance” within; the negativity bias, the self-doubt, fear and insecurities;

Choose: Once you recognize “The Resistance” and its fixity, choose to do the exact opposite of what it is telling you. Choose to see challenge and setbacks as opportunity for growth;

Act: Take action on your new choice until it becomes a habit and is moved to a state of automaticity.

It takes a long time to develop any amount of wisdom. Usually by the time it is achieved the body has worn out and is ready to check out. What a complete waste of time and ability.

Science is all about extending your ability to live longer. Yet, many of us are living longer miserably. Existing and enduring longer is not living longer – Big difference.

It is time to LIVE!

So, let us now talk about your energy; and how it pertains to living longer and more fully.

Let us face it. In the age of the entrepreneur, if you are going to lead both your life and business, it is going to take a tremendous amount of energy to do it.

Cancer; Heart Disease; Alzheimer’s – all are rising.

Why are these dis-eases of the body so commonplace in a world where simultaneously technology is extending the ability to live? It seems like a complete oxymoron, is it not?

The answer is plain and simple: Economics!

The meat and dairy industries have Government and all of us by the throat and they are not going to let go. There is just too much money to be made.

It stands to reason that if you are going to have a lot of life and energy, you are going to have to eat a lot of foods and drink water with life and energy in them.

So why are intelligent people sleeping?

There are almost more myths and theories around diet, eating and hydrating as there are stars in the visible sky.

“The protein myth; the dairy and calcium myth; the vegetarian myth; the no carbohydrate myth…” The list is endless.

It is next to impossible to not get enough protein if you are eating a lot of healthy vegetables. Broccoli, peas, kale and other vegetables have large amounts of protein.

It is interesting to note that two of the strongest animals on the planet, the elephant and the gorilla, are both herbivores.

Is it not interesting that the very protein we have been conditioned to eat comes from animals that get their primary protein from vegetables?

One more; is it not interesting that all carnivores have large sharp incisor teeth and we do not?

Enough said!!

I am not here to turn you vegetarian, that is a personal choice.

But what I will advise you is that if you eat a lot of dead food (beef, chicken, poultry and fish), you will not have nearly as much energy as if you eat more foods with life in them like fresh fruits and vegetables. And of course, the right water for hydration.

Now do not even get me started on microwaves and their complete depletion of nutrients. As well as the radiation they put into your body. Radiation is leading to cancer and other diseases.

Studies on the people like “The Hunza Tribe” – who live to be 100 years of age or more, consistently eat more veggies and pristine water.

Any person can fulfill their protein requirements from broccoli, asparagus, kale, lintels, black beans, wild rice, and nuts to name a few of the high protein veggies. Additionally you get a lot of fiber and alkalinity at the same time.

I am no Nutritionist; Do not take my word for it; Do you own research; I am just sharing my experience for what it is worth.

If you want to live a high energy, healthy and long life put the mindset and energy principles into practice that we just explored and you are well on your way.

Because after all, you need all of it you can get, right?

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