The only competition you will ever have is the competition between your disciplined and your undisciplined mind.

The distinction between creation and competition is so powerful that it absolutely cannot be over emphasized. To compete is to compare and to “fight” for limited resources. The only limitations that exist are the self-imposed limitations of your own small thinking.

When Steve Jobs was interviewed post his creation of the iPad, he was asked, “Did you poll your customers to come up with this idea?” He replied, “No. It is not the customer’s job to decide what he wants and needs; it is the entrepreneur’s job to create that need.”

The true Leader must always and only stay in the “Creative Mind” and continuously focus on more increase for him and for all he is blessed to serve.

Think about this. When you are competing and comparing you are focusing on your so-called competitors’ best effort. Therefore, the best you can ever hope for is to duplicate, or maybe slightly improve upon, their best effort. Energy flows where attention goes.

Research proves that unless you are highly unusual you will basically have the same life as your parents have or had. With maybe a little improvement!

So what are you going to do about it?

Problem solving is the problem. A medical industry focusing on disease versus health is doing nothing more than creating more disease. Leaders do not problem solve, they create new opportunities.

Furthermore, when competing, you are not focusing on more increase for yourself and others. To compete necessitates that for you to win, someone else must lose. This is once again the limitation and lack mentality that disconnects you from the abundant universe of which you are a part.

Multiple Worlds theory tells us that everything is already here. You do not have to create anything. That is God’s job; and he has done it well. You just must choose to participate in one of the options – Limitation or Abundance?

It is your choice.

You may have heard it said that if you want to make a million dollars you must solve a million-dollar problem. This might be true. But if you want to make a billion dollars you have to think differently. Like Jobs, you must create a new billion-dollar desire and need.

No one ever asked Elon Reeve Musk for Tesla or SpaceX; No one ever asked Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook; No one ever asked Sergey Brin and Larry Page for Google; No one ever asked Jeff Bezos for Amazon; No one ever asked Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp for Uber.

And the list goes on…

If you want to be a “True Leader” and “World Changer” you must break free from the competitive mind and consistently stay in the creative mind.

Is it Easy? Definitely No!

But then again, you should know by now that if it is easy it is certainly not great!

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