If you have children, there are 3 skills you would like them to learn. And personally, you must master them, if you wish to succeed for the rest of your life.

First is that you must recognise PATTERNS. No matter the situation, you will recognise the patterns. It does not matter what the job or what the business is, if you can recognise the patterns, you have an edge. Things look like chaos until you recognise there is a pattern to things. If you can recognise patterns, you can change your life, because once you recognise patterns, you get the second skill – that is get the second skill, which is you can learn to use patterns. Getting yourself to do the things you do not want to do. It is called Discipline.

But discipline is a heavy word. What it really is just creating a new pattern. And once it becomes a habit, it does not take discipline. It is easy. If you understand patterns and recognise them, and you can use them – you have real power.

The third skill is to be able to create new patterns. You want to recognise them, use them, and create them. The most successful entertainers, the most successful businesspeople, the most successful sportsmen, the most successful musicians – they create new patterns. They build on what they learn from others.

That is what you are doing in this business. That is why you are a hero. There are a lot of people in your organization from whom you have been learning to work on the patterns. Right? That is the way to do it. You learn about other people’s experiences and enrich your life because if you learn from your own experiences, it might be painful. Moreover, it takes a long time.

So, recognise patterns, use them, and then create them. If you teach your kids to do that it will not matter how the world changes, but they will recognise the patterns and they will learn how to use it. They will create something new, and they will dominate.

And I can assure you, that if you apply this concept in your business, you will dominate in your business.

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