Very often when a person is diagnosed with an illness or disease, they give their entire focus to the disease.
They will not only talk about it a lot but will research the disease gathering information about its possible worsening symptoms and dreaded outcomes. Focusing on the problem will make it only worse. Instead, we should focus on the ideal state for the area of our body that is unwell and feel grateful for that.

Hippocrates had said that “Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”
Spend one minute in visualizing a scene of yourself with the ideal state of your body that you want. See your body in your mind the way you want it to be and be grateful for it as though you have received it.

Be grateful for your current health; this will set the magic into motion to increase the flow of vibrant health to you. You will also begin to see the improvements to your health happen right away.
Little aches and pains, moles, scars, or marks will start to magically disappear and you will notice your energy, vitality and happiness increase markedly.

Through the daily practice of gratitude for your health, you can improve your eyesight, hearing, and all your senses, along with every function in your entire body.
My upcoming Seminar “Open Your Mind and Heart – You have the key” has the potential to change your life for better and forever. Stay tuned.

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