We live in a very interesting time in our world history. This could be stated about any time in history from some perspective.

Yet I firmly believe that we are currently at the end of an era. We live in a parenthesis between this era and the next; a time of great unrest, insecurity, and lack of fulfillment.”

Nearly ¾ of the worldwide population are completely unhappy and unfulfilled with their work. Yet how are we addressing this?

Like children!!

To find the answer, we must step back and approach our entire life from a completely different perspective than we have in the past. While many, if not most, are still following job markets and economic indicators to tell them the next move to make, the wise are busy creating their own job market and economic indicators.

When people ask me how to make more money I tell them the fastest way is to forget about money; and focus on providing value. Most do not listen.

While most are chasing money and materialism alone, the wise are finding meaning and allowing money to follow them.

If you are asking “what will sell” to make your next move you are asking the wrong question. Ask instead, “What major gift and genius do I have that will help the world solve a major problem.”

Still others, instead of looking at market and economic indicators, are following their social programming; soon to end up in the spare parts bin. What do I mean?

How many people do you find in your Facebook feed currently telling you how to make “millions” by becoming the next bestselling author, professional speaker, internet marketer or countless other get rich quick pitches?

How many of those peddling these programs can point to even a handful of people who, following their advice, have become what they are promising?

Many cannot even point to one!

In fact, how many of them have actually even done for themselves what they are claiming to teach you to be able to do?

Are you sure?

Yet we continue to pursue what society tells us is exciting; is it not? Living in a time of discontent, most are running after fast fame, simple success and get-rich-quick glory.

With no skills or ability whatsoever to achieve the things they seek, they are destined only to be disappointed yet once again.

If you want to make a billion dollars, solve a ten billion dollar problem!

Many people who are making six figures or more per year are completely unhappy and unfulfilled. Now if those 6 figures fall outside your current Universe, you may find it hard to believe that they could be unhappy.

Yet it is true nonetheless. Money will never bring you happiness; if you are not happy without money you will be unhappy with it.

The belief that any internal state is created externally is part of your low level socialized programming as well. Life is not about money. It is about meaning.

So can we have both? Money and fulfillment at the same time as the title of this post suggests?

Of course we can!

Now there are also plenty of people who are making those 6-7 figures and they absolutely love what they do. Their days are filled with fulfillment and purpose and passion and flow.

“Don’t start a company unless it’s an obsession and something you love. If you have an exit strategy it’s not an obsession.” ~ Mark Cuban (American businessman, investor, film producer, author, television personality and philanthropist).

You see Cuban is doing what he has the natural skills and ability to do. Read the above again. It is critical to understand and embrace.

Cuban finding his “Magnificent Obsession” does not mean he does not work hard. He does! His work ethic is legendary. But he began in a field where he is naturally gifted and developed his genius to a level of mastery.

Do you want to be completely happy and fulfilled? Find something you are naturally good at; and then work with every ounce of energy you have to become great at it.

I remember having attended the mega launching event of a global direct marketing company and was part of the full day session. The speaker, a very successful figure in the field of marketing, was conducting the session. I usually do not miss the chance to attend these training events and put in lots of effort to enrich myself.

This man had all the certificates and certifications. He had attended almost all the trainings on this planet. He did have the grit, determination, intuition, or great communication skills necessary.

But he was not meant to be a coach. Most of all he did not have the self-confidence. He is a product of mass marketing and the mass programming that certain things are booming and growing.


A truly good coach realizes that he or she needs the same guidance and support they encourage their clients to get. Good teachers always have teachers. Good mentors have their own mentors.

If they do not have, then they are not good coaches, teachers and mentors.

He on the other hand was not a good coach. Sorry to say but true nonetheless. Working hard for something you are not meant to do and do not love is miserable. Working hard for what you love is magical.

You see the vast majority of people have very few of their own ideas. What you think of as your own ideas are nothing more that socialized beliefs and values. Think about this one. Think really hard.

Most people have very few values, beliefs, assumptions, even ideas of their own. What they think are their ideas are nothing more than the output of a programmed and limited social operating system.

What do you really want?

Be careful that you really know what you want before you answer. You may think you do, but chances are great that you do not have that answer.

You most likely do not even know who you are much less what you want. What all natural skills you have or the inclinations and abilities to achieve?

Caution once again!

Even when you have the skills needed, they must be developed. This takes years even decades. Then they must be marketed, organized, systematized and sold. Bottom line, even when you find your unique genius and gifts you have to work hard and persevere. To believe anything else is to buy a bill of goods.

Please do not go into any business or industry just because someone else has done well there. You will be sorely disappointed and disillusioned. Ask yourself, “What unique gifts and abilities do I have that I can develop to a level of mastery; and then use them in the service of others?”

Modern science now tells us what the mystics have told us for centuries; basically that we are a microcosm of the macrocosm. In other words, you live in the Universe, but the Universe lives just as equally in you. This is no longer limited to the realm of the mystic.

With every single breath you take you take in millions of the same oxygen atoms that Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Dr. Abdul Kalam and others before you breathed.

You have access to unlimited information and abilities. You have barely scratched the surface of your potential.

Yet you have to work in concert with “The Plan.”

“The Plan” was given to you when you came into this life. You maybe are still not consciously aware of The Plan (most are not), but it is there waiting and compelling you nonetheless.

To access “The Plan” you have to first and foremost think for yourself.

You have to step back and study the most important thing you can study in this entire Universe; and that thing is YOU. For when you know yourself you thereby know the Universe as well.

Find your unique gifts and genius first – “Beginning at the Beginning.”

Ask yourself:

  • 1. What is it that I been attracted to since the time of my early childhood?
  • 2. Where do I have natural abilities and skills; and I always have?
  • 3. What is the single most important thing to me in my life? Why?
  • 4. If money were no issue, what productive activity would I spend my days involved in doing? Why?

When you answer these qualities honestly, you may begin the process of starting to think for yourself and start the process of aligning with “The Plan.”

Stay Awake…

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