Add Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years! You Can Do It – Choose It Early!!

The Kangen Water® machines of Enagic® are expensive? Yet many people have bought it and some with a few units (including me) and more and more people are buying it with global sales of Enagic® touching more than 25000 units per month. Why? Simply because they see value in it after trying the water and understand the science behind it!

Price is only an issue in the absence of Value. People would love to own this “Prized piece of Technology” because they know that Health is priceless. No Health, no Wealth!

The compensation plan was introduced partly to help those mid and low income households to own the Kangen Water® machine for free. All they need is to share Health (Water) and Wealth (Business) with the people around them. When these people buy, the company pays the distributor a commission to thank them.

I was amazed by the Live Kangen Water® Demonstration when one of my friends invited me where I reluctantly went about 3 years ago. I did my initial research and studies on this “Miracle Water” and took a decision to purchase it right away. Against all the initial resistance from my better half, I bought my FIRST Enagic® Kangen Water® Ionizer, the Leveluk SD501 mainly because of my health issues and of my family.

Being a pensioner I could not afford the machine at one go, so I took a loan from my pension disbursing Bank and brought the machine by paying monthly EMIs. There was no credit card payment plan in India at that time.

I started sharing it with people around me, just to get feedbacks on the water. One by one, after trying the water, they told me that they want to buy a Kangen Water® machine too.

In about 2 months time, I made back my machine cost. Over the years, I have touched the lives of about hundreds of households physically and financially, together with my team’s effort. And they are still growing furiously!

The only people who sell Enagic® Kangen Water® machines are satisfied customers – who are dedicated because they saw specific health improvements from their own equipment and they want as many people as possible to have access to the healing Kangen Water®.

Not just the Physical life, but Financial life too! With both, you will have the peace of mind! Guilt free marketing business! That is what I love about this Enagic® business!

Change Your Water – Change Your Life™

Dr. Debi Prasad Acharjya


Mb: + 91 9748760027 (Kolkata, India)