I had a lot of health issues, especially digestive issues, dehydration issues, back pain issues and tried so many streams of conventional treatments and invariably the problems used to strike back with vengeance. But when I tried Kangen Water® for approximately 3 months at a stretch (now more than for 2 years), I could not figure out how it worked; not only worked but worked so well in such a short span of time.

This made me to look for the answers and having done extensive online studies, collecting testimonies of people who have been extensively benefitted, the following is a synopsis or a summary of my learning about Kangen Water®.

Every cell in the human body consists of what we call “Aquaporins” which are membrane water channels that play critical roles in controlling the water contents of cells. These channels are widely distributed in all kingdoms of life, including bacteria, plants, and mammals. More than ten different Aquaporins have been found in human body, and several diseases are connected to the impaired function of these channels. They form tetramers in the cell membrane, and facilitate the transport of water and, in some cases, other small solutes across the membrane.

The Aquaporins are six sided figure which we call the “Aquaporin Helix,” has pores having funnel which can selectively accommodate maximum of 6 molecules (micro- clustered) at a time; these taper down inside the cell facilitating rapid hydration which to expel the accumulated “Toxins and Carbon Dioxide” from the cells.

However, our current water supplies – Tap Water, Boring Water, Oceanic Water and others – are all clustered in a large group of molecules that are theoretically bonded with 16-25 molecules each. So they do not necessarily pass through these Aquaporins.

Further, the inside of the cells normally has a positive charge and the outside of the cell membrane has a negative charge. This outside charge is maintained at around -120 mV in a healthy human being. But as we age, this drops down to – 100 mV to -80 mV until ultimately fits in the -60 mV range. At this stage people usually have some kind of health conditions like Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Diabetes and many other Degenerative Diseases.

The reason that water is such an important nutrient because it works in conjunction with our heart beat. When our heart beats, it causes our cell to contract. When it compresses down, that is when it helps to excrete Carbon Dioxide and Toxins.

And our heart beats again which pops the cell to open up and this draws in Oxygen and the Nutrition. This cycle of contraction and expansion continues and this is done via Hemoglobin, which is bio-available Iron.

Water in the micro-clustered form are naturally available in nature in lakes that have been struck by lightning, ice-bergs that have been melting in the last few feet of oceanic waters and some Himalayan streams. It is also available in quite a few locations worldwide and is popularly known as Healing Waters or the Holy Waters.

But these types of water supplies are very limited in our planet!

What makes the Enagic® water machines so special is the way that it reprocesses and restructures water to a high anti-oxidant solution. To do this, Enagic® has first added a filter to clean the water and then they have captured that lightning strike by running the water through 7 highly electrically charged plates (SD501). This process splits the water molecule to smaller cluster by restructuring into 6 molecules that are now acceptable to the Aquaporins. This water is much more bio- available for hydrating and it carries a negative charge.

At the 8.5 pH setting of Enagic® Ionizers, water forms clusters of 4-6 molecules and at the higher settings of 9.0 pH and then to 9.5 pH, it breaks down further even smaller for better transportation. All these are done through the process of Electrolysis.

This process of electrolysis is done by the amount of wattage in the machine, the amperage and the amount of surface area on which the water comes in contact with the plates. So if electrolysis is a combination of watts x amperage x surface area, that is going to be a key factor in choosing the machine. Therefore you must know the type of power supply mode to the Ionizers.

Enagic® uses the Transformers vs. many of the competitors who use the Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) mode and hype it as an Energy Saving Device. In the SMPS the power ramps up and drops down, ramps up and drops down, ramps up and drops down. These are promoted as energy efficient machines as these are running at the peak voltage part of the time. Well, if they run the power at full voltage all the time, it would melt the inferior mesh plates. On the other hand, Enagic® uses Transformers (which gives a very elevated steady rate of power) and this is a part of the reason that it is listed as a “Medical Device.”

Let me explain! If you were to take a 40 watt light bulb it will have a thin filament than a 100 watt light bulb which has a thicker filament. Now if you put the 40 watt bulb in the 100 watt socket – it is going to pop (filament will burn out). This is because too much voltage going through a filament which cannot withstand it.

It works the same way with Ionizer machines. You have to have a higher grade filament (SOLID platinum coated titanium plates) in order to maintain higher voltage to disassociate water. So you can literally throw away all those machines using the SMPS mode for electrolysis.

We are literally taking the water molecule and splitting into Hydroxyl (OH-) ions and the Hydrogen (H+) ions. The H+ ions are unstable and so they bond immediately with another H+ ion to form H2 – the molecular hydrogen. These are attracted to the negative electrode (cathode) along with the Hydroxyl ions (OH-). These two contribute to the super antioxidant property in the ionized water.

The half reaction at the cathode is:

2H2O + 2e- (from electricity) => H2 + 2OH-

When we drink this water, the electrically charged OH- ions which have become micro-clustered (4-6 molecules) gets attracted by the positive charge inside of the cells. They now easily pass through the Aquaporins leaving behind the negative charge hanging on the outside of the cells membrane. This process literally recharges the diseased human body (where the cellular charge might have dropped to – 60 mV) to the optimal – 120 mV.

This helps cells to work in conjunction with our heart beats as discussed earlier.

In the human body oxidation basically is corrosion or rust and this will have drastic effect especially on our hemoglobin. As stated earlier, the cycle of contraction and expansion of our heart is done via Hemoglobin, which is bio- available Iron.

The Number# 1 “Oxidative Disease” we have right now is Cancer. The Number# 1 “Acidic Disease” we have is Hyper Ketoacidosis, also commonly known as Diabetes. Secondarily, the acidic diseases are really associated with inflammatory responses and these are Arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and things like that. All of those are immune and inflammatory highly aggressive diseases that are based on the acidic responses because it is a rapid oxidative process that is creating stress.

Green Tea is one of the more powerful antioxidant having ORP of – 100 mV. This most of us drink at the most one cup a day. On the other hand, an individual generally consume 2 liter (average) drinking water. The 9.5 pH Kangen Water® straight from the machine measures ORP of – 400 mV. For those people with special disease process, there is the 11.5 pH strong alkalized water which gives ORP of – 800 mV. And that is really important when people are really sick.

Drinking the 9.5 pH Kangen Water® helps rapid absorption and it carries the nutrition deep into the cell, helps repair the cell and simultaneously flush the toxins out at a really outrageous rate. Clinically speaking, you can flush toxins out of the cells in weeks to a month. That does not mean you completely detoxify all the accumulated toxins, but it means you have got a huge jumpstart in the process.

So, if someone weighs 80 Kg and we know that the human body is 72% water – that means they are 57.6 Kg water. And if that person drinks 3 liter per day, it is going to take about 20 days to rehydrate. If you drink 2 liter a day it is going to take a month (1 Kg = 1 liter).

Therefore, Kangen Water® has the ability to flush the toxins out of the cells, rehydrate 72% of the entire organism with high energy water and getting the bio- available anti-oxidants directly into the cells. This is simply the fastest means to get a person on to the road of health regeneration and onward path of wellness.

Is this the only thing necessary? Of course, not! But it is a huge part – meaning taking care of the 72% of the body mass. The magic in this machine is the ORP and the Micro-clustering – in the way it restructures water for human availability. On a cellular level, it gets water into the body faster than anything else.

Since our body is composed of roughly 70 trillion cells which range up to 98% water, just by drinking the right water is one of the keys to achieve optimal health.

We as a nation are under-fed and under-nourished. The adult population and even more concerning to me the children are facing a record amount of obesity, diabetes and related problems. So what is different in Japan? Well, many experts think that diet and water play an important role.

We all know that if you put high octane fuel in race cars it runs better and the engine lasts longer. Similarly, if you take junk food, you are ultimately going to feel it. So it makes sense that there could be different qualities of water.

All waters are definitely not equal! This water system is being used throughout Japan, in hospitals, restaurants and homes. This machine is classified as a medical device in Japan and is manufactured in a certified factory. I have always been impressed with their culture, ingenuity and health. As per United Nations, Japan ranks up as the No# 1 healthiest populations in the world, and as a country they have the longest life expectancy.

The Enagic® “Water System” produces five types of water based on the pH scale and is:

  • ISO-9001 certified (QC & QA);
  • ISO-14001 certified (Environment Safety);
  • ISO-13485 certified (Medical Safety) – as a result of which this has become one of the most wanted items for the medical fraternity;
  • The only water system to receive GOLD SEAL Certification from the Water Quality Association (WQA), USA;
  • Approved by the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Diseases.

It is one thing to hear about and read about Kangen Water®, but it is entirely something else to actually see the live demonstration. There will be a paradigm shift in your way of thinking about water and hydration.

Call for a Live Demonstration today and let a new journey begin!

Stay Smart, Stay Safe and Stay Protected!! Be Happy, Be Healthy and Be Alkaline!!

Change Your Water – Change Your Life™

Dr. Debi Prasad Acharjya

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