Alcohol is not friendly to the body. While your mind may find its effects fun, your body does not. Hangovers are still not completely understood by science, which cannot be good.

The Major ill-effects of consuming Alcohol include Atherosclerosis, Damage to Brain Function, Cirrhosis of Liver, Chronic Heart Failure, Pancreatitis, and Reproductive Dysfunction.

Aside from bodily harm, alcohol use has been linked to depression, anxiety, societal withdrawal, violent behavior, an increase in unprotected sex, and increased risk of motor vehicle accidents, suicide, injury, domestic violence, and even drowning.

When someone starts out drinking, he or she feels relaxed, confident, happy and sociable. The pleasurable effects of alcohol are undeniable. It makes it easy to forget about the negative effects: slowed reflexes, reduced coordination, warped thinking, poor judgments, impaired memory, impaired motor functions, and plenty more impairments.

These negative effects occur every single time one drinks, even a single beer. The more one drinks, the stronger these negative effects. (Those pleasurable effects will begin to fade quickly). Over time, the body becomes damaged from drinking; more damaged than you probably know. In fact, alcohol can cause several types of cancer.

Are you searching for the ultimate hangover cure, which will help your body to recover after a long night out on the town? While you may not have considered using Alkaline Water to restore your system after consuming too much alcohol, it may be just the answer you have been looking for.


Alkaline water delivers the hydration your body needs, in order to restore proper homeostasis. Yet, the benefits of alkaline water do not stop there, as it also helps to remove acidic waste in your system. Third, the right type of alkaline water can act as an antioxidant – which can only help your body to feel better more quickly.

The Ultimate Hangover Cure: Hydration

Using alkaline water to get rid of your pounding headache and other symptoms associated with a hangover starts with the hydration it delivers. Drinking alcohol adds a huge burden of toxins to your body (1), and your liver and kidneys must work overtime to remove these from your system. This should come as no surprise, as even the word “intoxication” stems from the Latin word that means “to poison” (2). Drinking plenty of water helps to flush out these toxins (literally poisons), and makes it easier for your cleansing organs to do their job.

The Ultimate Hangover Cure: Remove s Acidic Waste

While drinking plain tap water does help the detoxification process along through hydration, the water itself does nothing to neutralize the toxins. This is a key distinction to make, as alkaline water can actually help to neutralize built-up acidic waste.

Alkaline water is high on the pH scale (basic), and chemistry teaches that a base of sufficient strength and concentration can neutralize an acid (3). For this reason, not only will alkaline water provide hydration, at the same time its pH properties can make it a strong detoxifying agent in its own right. The upshot is that you may start feeling better more quickly, as your body rids itself of its toxins more effectively.

The Ultimate Hangover Cure: Antioxidant Effect

A third way that alkaline water can combat your hangover is by providing an antioxidant effect. Only Alkaline Ionized water has this benefit, since it forms high pH water through Ionization (also called Electrolysis). Why does this matter? There are other ways to create alkaline water, but Ionization is the only method that produces Alkaline Water with extra electrons to donate.

Though this may not sound important, it means that this type of Alkaline Water can neutralize active oxygen molecules in your body. Since these oxygen molecules are oxidizing – a process which is extremely hard on cells and can even cause cell death – the antioxidant impact of this water is very beneficial when trying to kick your hangover to the curb.

Kangen Water® to the Rescue

The good news is that drinking Alcohol with Kangen Water® can help with all of the negative symptoms associated with Alcohol. If you are making your drink on the rocks, the first thing you can do is replace those rocks with Kangen Water® ice cubes.

The high Oxidation Reduction Potential – ORP (antioxidants) in Kangen Water® will help you not suffer a nasty hang over. A hang over is that terrible, sickly feeling you experience as your body tries to recover from the alcohol poisoning. But as Japanese businessmen discovered almost 50 years ago when they visited Russia, drinking Ionized Water the morning after drinking Alcohol will help your body recover quickly.

The Alkalized Kangen Water® will neutralize the Acidity in your drink and help flush away some of the toxins, which makes it easier on your body to digest and keep you hydrated. Drinking alcohol makes you dehydrated, which worsens the symptoms associated with drinking it.

The ORP Issue

Let us address the ORP issue first!

In human body oxidation basically is corrosion or rust and this will have drastic effect especially on our hemoglobin. The Number#1 Oxidative Disease we have right now is Cancer.

When we put oxidized food / water / beverages (all positively charged) into our body, our cells get oxidized too (by losing negatively charged – electrons). This is the process of oxidation in the human body. The damages start in the cell membranes and other structures including cellular proteins, lipids and DNA. When oxygen is metabolized, it creates ‘free radicals’ which steal electrons from other molecules, causing the damage.

Therefore we need to slow down the oxidation process (aging) by neutralizing it with antioxidants with the food and water that we put in our body.

You can measure an antioxidant’s potential to supply electrons dispersed into a liquid by using an ORP meter. Oxidized materials are shown as +above zero, antioxidants are either a low+ or a negative reading. Lower numbers indicate more number of electrons. For example, the antioxidant CoQ10 (CoenzymeQ10) has an ORP of +49 mV and Wheatgrass juice has an ORP of -120 mV. Kangen Water® from the SD501 has ORP of above -400 mV.

Alcohol has an ORP reading of over +200 mV. When it is mixed with Soda having ORP of +300 mV or more, you can very well imagine the ill-effects that will be associated with this cocktail. And people do this on an ongoing basis, literally corroding their internal system to the point when health issues crop up as serious external manifestations requiring medical interventions.

When Alcohol (with ORP reading of +200 mV or more) is diluted with Kangen Water® from the SD501, the ORP reading will be -300 mV (or above negative).

This goes on to prove that if Alcohol is consumed with Kangen Water®, it is capable to stop the oxidation process.

Note: This however does not any way negate the ill-effects of consuming Alcohol.

The Acidity Issue

Having addressed the Oxidation issue let us now see the Acidity effects on our body vis-à- vis consumption of Alcohol.

The Number#1 Acidic Disease we now have is Hyper Ketoacidosis, commonly known as Diabetes. Secondarily, the acidic diseases are really associated with inflammatory responses and these are Arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and things like that.

Both Alcohol and Soda are highly acidic as can be seen if few pH test drops are put in separate glasses with about 10 ml of both Alcohol and Soda. The color turns to orange and red – the range can be anywhere between 3.0 pH and 4.0 pH – if you can match with Test Chart. Soda is far more Acidic than Alcohol.

Now if instead of the Soda, Alcohol is diluted with Kangen Water® and a few drops of the pH test solution are put in it. The solution immediately turns Alkaline (8.0 pH or more). So once again we can check the ORP reading of the Alcohol mixed with Kangen Water® which will show a reading of -300 mV (and more).

Note: This however does not any way negate the ill-effects of consuming Alcohol.

Be Safe; Be Smart; Be Healthy.

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I personally do not drink and promote consumption of Alcohol in any way. Kangen Water® is also not being promoted as a beneficial solvent to be taken with Alcohol. This post might interest people who consume alcohol and can reduce its ill-effects by drinking it with Kangen Water®.

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