Therapy using both Alkaline and Acidic water for both external and internal use has been recognized as a valid medical treatment in Japan since the 1960s and it is practiced in many of the Japan’s leading hospitals.

All kinds of treatments have had dramatic results and the fortunate patients asked how they could continue their safe, healthy, beneficial water treatment at home. They were told they could not.

Enagic® from Japan recognized the huge market potential where both the Company and its Customers get benefitted and launched their water ionizers for domestic market. Enagic® as an “Original Equipment Manufacturer” came out with their domestic unit in 1990 and now Kangen Water® is available Globally.

Enagic® is the only water ionizer manufacturer on the market to receive the Water Quality Association (WQA) “Gold Seal” certification – the certificate of trust.

They succeeded beyond their expectations and were able to develop machines that could be sold to consumers which are of high quality and value. Enagic® decided on the word of mouth marketing as their primary means of distribution mainly because this equipment can only be sold to an educated market level, and they have been selling their amazing equipment in that way since the mid 1990 is in Japan.

Just to take one example of how we think of cholesterol build-up in our bodies.

Most people believe if they eat food with no or low cholesterol in it, they will have any cholesterol. Right?

Wrong! Lactic and acetic acids in particular, lower the pH of body fluids drastically. When blood contains too much of these fatty acids, blood pH is dragged down and the buffering system using alkaline minerals commences. If there are not enough alkaline minerals in the form of bicarbonates in the bloodstream, the body will take calcium from the bones. There is also another way to neutralize some of the acids – solidify them. This is cholesterol. Even if you eat food containing no cholesterol, your body will still make it.

Cholesterol builds up as plaque in arteries and well, you know what happens next.

But it gets even worse… Undissolved uric acid crystals accumulated in the joints cause arthritis and gout. Acetic acid, lactic acid and cholesterol are derivatives of fatty acid, which will build up with over-ingestion of carbohydrates and not enough exercise. Intense exercise creates a lack of oxygen in the cells, which causes lactic and acetic acid out of the incompletely burned carbohydrates.

The normal human blood pH is 7.4. Any pH below this is acid, and any pH above it is alkaline. There is a narrow range of pH values (7.35 to 7.45) that the human body and its complicated enzyme-supported systems operate within this pH value (below 7.0 and above 7.6 mean you are no longer with us).

“All foods, junk or healthy, expensive or not, good tasting or bad, produce acidic waste products the body has to get rid of. And the best way to get rid of them is through anti- oxidant, alkaline, micro-clustered Kangen Water®.

The Negative ORP Kangen Water® with Active Hydrogen neutralizes Active Oxygen (free radicals) in your body that causes aging and disease. It is micro-clustered and easily absorbed helping to keep your body properly hydrated.

Kangen Water® will gradually wash away the acid waste buildup in your body caused by years of metabolizing food. It will help create an alkaline buffer in your blood stream, so that if you do consume something acidic, it is neutralized. It gets easily absorbed into the intestines to eliminate toxins from the colon; Permeates cell membranes to carry oxygen in and wastes out. And it will do all this simply by drinking your regular 8 glasses of water a day.

Drinking a large quantity of Kangen Water® will not only assist the digestive process, it will also help remove the buildup in the intestines, the toxins and ultimately the opportunity for disease.

You will literally start to feel completely different, from the inside out!

But the key element to this entire process is the water. Just as a river needs water to flow, so do your intestines. The more water you can absorb, the more free radicals you can neutralize, the more toxins you can flush from your system.

Its incomparable oxidation reduction potential, its smaller clusters of water molecules and its alkalinity all combine to make Kangen Water® the best water available for hydrating the body and controlling acidosis.

Good health starts with clean intestines and cleaning intestines is best done with Kangen Water®.

You can get the benefit of the amazing medical treatment at Home by simply changing your water.

Change Your Water – Change Your Life™

Dr. Debi Prasad Acharjya


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