This “Kangen Water® Presentation” will serve as an “Awareness, Educational and a great Follow-up Tool.” People will feel very empowered in that they can influence how they age, the quality of their life and possibly the quality of the last few years of life where there is so much suffering that we see.

Your body needs water for complete hydration and balance. Kangen Water® from Enagic® hydrates you with mineral-rich (from your source water) alkaline water created by the amazing process discussed above. This gives you optimal hydration. And with the fresh, mild taste of Kangen Water®, you will find how easy it is to consume the recommended 8-10 glasses of water each day and stay healthy.

I am glad that I had a very open mind when I first heard about this amazing technology and brought my own SD501 immediately. I am among one of those very few people who understood the value over its price and purchased my own Kangen Water® Ionizer in Kolkata immediately after seeing the Live Demonstration way back in 2016.

I want more and more people to learn about this machine in India. What you have to lose? Do yourself and your loved ones a favor – just try the water. Talk to the person who suggested you to view my website. He might help you to get some free water. Drink it and share it with your family. Give some to your pets, read the literatures, ask questions, satisfy yourself.

Some people ask if the water is so special why it is not sold in stores. There is a simple explanation! These unique properties of Kangen Water® last only for a couple of days after coming out of the machine after which you will end up with just filtered water. The hydrogen rich property of the water gets immediately depleted very fast over time as it comes out the machine. The ORP and the alkalinity properties also gradually get diminished with the passage of time. So to get the full benefits from the water you really need to drink it fresh directly from the machine.

It is my passion to save the world with 1 glass of water (to begin with) at a time. I know it sound like a lofty goal but really believe that this providing of “Ionized, Structured, Alkalized Water” processed by the Best Electrolyzed Water Ionizers of Enagic® to the masses can be a game changer. These things never happen as a result of the efforts of just few persons including me who are passionately promoting this. It takes so many people to accomplish a project like this. With your support, I believe that we can move forward.

I need you to help me spread the word. You can do this by sharing the inputs of this website and various other sites referred to with your friends, family and associates. Together, we can pioneer a change in the health of the people all around the World. One glass of water at a time!

Thank you Enagic®! Thank You All so much!!

Stay Smart, Stay Safe and Stay Protected! Be Happy; Be Healthy; Be Alkaline!!

Change Your Water – Change Your Life™