My Story

For the past about 3 years I have been drinking special water made from the Best Water Ionizer Machine in Kolkata by an amazing technology from Japan. Earlier I was taking RO water from the machine installed at our kitchen about 20 years back. I made sure to buy bottled water when I was out-station. About three years back I was attending a demonstration of this live water by a friend of mine at Kolkata which he referred to as Kangen Water®. He told me that all the existing waters which we are consuming were actually acidic and were in fact a big contributor to the disease process.

Being in the Wellness field for over 15 years now, I get approached for trying out many new products all the time. So I am a bit skeptical as many of these products are not actually worth the money. So when this friend of mine told me that the machine changed the molecular structure of the water, my initial reaction was water is water, right? But having a science background, I was propelled to probe deeper and got to know quite a few remarkable facts on this subject.

I got to know that all waters are definitely not equal! The Ionized Water Machines, now available in Kolkata, is being used throughout Japan, in hospitals, restaurants and homes. This machine is classified as a medical device in Japan and is manufactured in a certified factory. I have always been impressed with their culture, ingenuity and health. As per United Nations, Japan ranks up as the No# 1 healthiest populations in the world, and as a country they have the longest life expectancy.

The human body is made up of over 70% water and most of us just do not drink enough of it. For many people their daily diet consists of fast food, processed foods and soft drinks. The only time some of them drink water is to swallow their prescription medications.

We are over-fed and under-nourished. The adult population and even more concerning to me the children are facing a record amount of obesity, diabetes and related problems.

So what is different in Japan? Well, many experts think that diet and water play an important role. When I heard that this machine is from Japan and the company is more than 40 years old and the founder an incredibly, healthy, energetic and a visionary in his 70’s, I wanted to learn more.

We all know that if you put high octane fuel in race cars it runs better and the engine lasts longer. Similarly, if you take junk food, you are ultimately going to feel it. So it started to make sense that there could be different qualities of water.

The bottled water industry has invested millions of dollars trying to convince us that the bottled water is better than tap water and offered us the solution of drinking water. While they may have offered us clean drinkable water it is not necessarily good for human consumption. Now the environmentalists are telling us that plastic bottles are clogging our landfills and other studies warn us that the plastics used in some of these bottles can lead to diseases, even cancer.

But this friend of mine was persistent and clearly spoke from the heart, so I opened my mind. After all, just a little bit of faith in something new can completely transform your life in amazing ways. And he did look unbelievably young for his age. So when he offered me a glass of water, I accepted.

Then I took a sip and had to admit the water tasted very clear and crisp. Then I took a bigger gulp and before I knew it, I drank 3 or 4 glasses! Something was different about this water. Sure, the brisk taste quenched my thirst perfectly, like water that just melted off an ancient glacier.

“Where do you get this water?” He explained, “You cannot run to the store and buy a bottle of this water. It is not available on any shelves. You have to make it.” He took me aside, and showed me a sleek machine, about the size of a regular home water filter. I tried to figure out what the machine was just by looking at it, and quickly realized it was not like any kind of water filter I have ever seen before.

It is one thing to hear about and read about Kangen Water®, but it is entirely something else to actually see the live demonstration of the Enagic® Water Ionizer. Contact me for a Live Demonstration at Kolkata. There will be a paradigm shift in your way of thinking about water and hydration.