Life Changing Waters from One Incredible Machine

The Best Water – Right at your Home: Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle by fulfilling your Basic Hydration needs

Please permit me to introduce the “World Famous Advanced Water Technology” from Japan, a Global Phenomenon, which has been launched in India from 2016 onwards – Popularly known as “Kangen Water®.”

Kangen is a Japanese word best translated into English as “return to origin.”

It is a “Water System” which produces five types of water based on the pH scale.

  • 1) It is a “Water System” which produces five types of water based on the pH scale.
  • 2) ISO-14001 certified (Environment Safety);
  • 2) ISO-13485 certified (Medical Safety) - as a result of which this has become one of the most wanted item for the global fraternity;
  • 4) The only Water Ionizer Machine in India to receive GOLD SEAL Certification from the Water Quality Association (WQA), USA;
  • 5) Approved by the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Diseases.

The system delivers water containing massive amount of negatively charged electrons (anti-oxidant) to neutralize the free-radicals causing daily damage and premature aging within our bodies. It restores alkalinity (pH 8.5 to pH 9.5) and flushes acidic toxins out of the body, leaving our blood clean to transport critical nutrients to the cells. The delivered water contains micro-clustered molecules which easily penetrate our body at cellular level, bringing a continual flood of better hydration, detoxification and renewal. Cells begin to function as they should for optimal health and peak performance.

Since our body is composed of roughly 70 trillion cells which range from 76%-98% water, just by drinking the right water is the key to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Discover the Miracle Health Benefits with “Kangen Water®” which is:

  • 1) Trusted by 24 Countries across the Globe;
  • 2) Found in the homes of the Top Celebrities Worldwide;
  • 3) Changing lives of people in Japan since 1974, globally since 2003 and launched in India in 2016.


Cancerous tissues are ACIDIC; Healthy tissues are ALKALINE. "Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous" ~ Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg (Discovered Real Cause of Cancer in 1923 and received Nobel Prize for Physiology in 1931).

It is well known that many chronic diseases result in excess acidity of the body (metabolic acidosis). We also know that the body tends to become more acidic due to modern dietary habits and lifestyles and the ageing process itself. By drinking high negative ORP (Oxidation / Reduction Potential) alkaline water, you combat metabolic acidosis and improve absorption of nutrients.

Some of the symptoms of toxic overload include - Headaches / Muscle Aches / Depression/ Allergies / Sensitivity to Smells / Chronic Infection / Joint Pain / Memory Loss / Fatigue / Frequent Colds. Keeping blood and body tissue at a proper pH keeps premature death at bay and makes the difference between vitality and death. This is the secret of the alkaline body.

Learn the truth about Chemical additives in our Tap Water / Harmful properties of Bottled Water / Hazards in Soda and Sports Drinks / Environmental impact of Plastic Bottles.

You can also come to know how Water can - bring your body in a “State of Balance” / give you “Increased Energy” / improve your “Overall Health and Quality of Life” /make your food “Cleaner and more Delicious” / replace your “Toxic Household Cleaners.”