Kangen Water Ionizers

Kangen Water® ionizers make 5 different types of water. We just discussed the 3 unique properties for drinking water. But two of those waters are the 2.5 pH water; the strong acidic water and the 11.5 pH water; the high alkaline water. So one is used for sterilizing and the other is used for cleaning. Since there are no harmful chemicals in that, we just use salt, electricity and water; we can also do something else with these waters; that is to clean our produce.

How do you clean your produce at home? Usually tap waters or other types of cleaning agents to clean off the pesticides or any dirt you have on them. We will take some cherry tomatoes and put few in two separate glasses. We will also take our staple food rice and put some of them in two separate glasses.

We will take some tap water and put in each of the glasses of tomatoes and rice. And then we are going to take the high pH water from just made from the machine – the strong Kangen Water® - pH of about 11.5 – could be from 11.0 to about 11.5 and put in the other two glasses of tomatoes and rice. We shall let all of these natures’ sweet tomatoes and rice soak for some time.

In the meanwhile let us put few drops of sesame oil in 2 separate glasses. What happens when we put water in the oil; they do not mix, right? It is basic science. So when you put some tap water in one of the glasses the water gets separated and the oil floats on the top. But what happens when we take the high pH Kangen Water® and put in the other glass? It immediately emulsifies the oil.  Now I think people can understand how it can be used as degreaser or cleaning.

Let us now take those tomatoes earlier dipped in tap water and in Kangen Water® 11.5 pH. You can see a clear difference of color of the water in the two glasses. The one which was soaked in the 11.5 pH water will have a distinctive yellow color of the chemicals and pesticides on the tomatoes which are pulled out by the 11.5 pH water.  We thought we cleaned the tomatoes with the tap water, and just as it cannot break down the oil,  it does not have the ability to break down the oil based herbicides and pesticides that they put on the produce.

Let us now go on to do the taste test. Are you game? Give one tomato from 11.5 pH water dipped glass to someone and you also take one. I am sure you will like it as it will taste just like the Nature’s sweet tomatoes. But we all know the taste of the tomatoes which we usually consume; it will be sour. So which tomatoes would you rather eat?

Similarly you can see the difference in colors of the water in glasses of rice cleaned with tap water and 11.5 pH water.

Now you can understand why 1000’s of restaurants in Japan are using this technology. People can become more eco-friendly, they can reduce the chemical footprint and make their produce taste even better.