(Achieve extraordinary results and success, personally and professionally and cross the finish line with distinction)

“Clarity Leads to Success” is a Quiz based seminar which will offer great insights on the various domains of your life. There will be many tools, techniques, and strategies that we shall be learning together which will inspire you to achieve extraordinary results and success, personally and professionally and cross the finish line with distinction?

This Seminar will be your guide which shall show you how the “Invisible Causes” which might be hindering the process that leads to Vibrant Health, Rocking Relationships and Abundant Wealth, which are the “Visible Results.”

Understanding and managing the mind alone can lead to a life that overflows with joy, love, and harmony. Stupid people pretend to know everything. The intelligent prefer to learn.


Champions are open to new ideas and knowledge!

They know they will be left behind if they choose to not to learn. Their dignity, self-esteem or ego does not prevent them from accepting new ideas and knowledge.

They keep abreast of news and current affairs through journals, newspapers, and the internet and remain well-informed.

Ordinary people are much more prejudiced about accepting new ideas and knowledge.

Their general response is “Yes, I know.” Their excuse for ignorance is “Where is the time to read or attend seminars?” or “I am broke now and cannot spend money on seminars and books, maybe later.”

Their lack of time and money is exactly the reason why they should educate themselves, so that they lack neither time nor money.

The most important Skill to Master in the 21st Century is the “Ability to learn faster.”


 The Invisible leads to the Visible!

Look around you. With everything that you see, there are countless systems or activities that you do not know and attempt to do.

In our everyday life, there are many examples that suggest that the invisible leads to the visible.

Have you ever seen the programme that runs the computer? To improve its output and performance, you need to change the program code. The user can see better performance of the computer but cannot see the program code that runs the show.

Take the example of a Car. To improve its performance, you need to replace it with superior engine oil.


Everyone can see the output, but who can see the cause?

Any idea of what the Electromagnetic Waves are?

You spend a great deal of time talking over your cell phone. But can you see the electromagnetic waves that transfer your voice to the person on the other side of the phone?

You cannot see the waves, but it does not mean that they do not exist. They do exist and that is the reason why you do all that talking on your cell phone!

Have you met your grandfather?

If you never saw or met your grandfather, does that mean he never existed?

Of course, he did, and that is why you exist, too.



 Your mental world rules your physical world.

All that happens in your physical world is really a result and a manifestation of the working of your mental world.

The above examples show that there is an invisible cause, which leads to a visible result.

Why it is that very few people make a fortune from the slot machine?

When you play on them, having fun is the primary aim, yet at the back of your mind, you secretly hope to win a fortune.

There is an electronic program that operates the slot machine that decides that perhaps for every 100 games played, there will be one random million-dollar jackpot winner. Only altering the machine’s program can ensure your being a millionaire.







Luck or Hard Work?

Luck gives you success directly, but hard work gives you success with a lot of experience, skills and sometimes failure lessons too.

But the fight between luck and hard work does not finish with achievement of the goal; it also plays a crucial part in surviving in that position.

“Luck is believing you're lucky,” ~ Tennessee Williams

Imagine that it is 24 hours before you are going to be born, and a genie comes to you.

The genie says you can determine the rules of the society you are about to enter, and you can design anything you want. You get to design the social, economic and the governmental rules. And those rules are going to prevail for your lifetime and your children's lifetime and your grandchildren's lifetime.

But there is a catch; you are going to participate in what I call the “Ovarian Lottery.”

You do not know whether you are going to be born rich or poor, male, or female, infirm or able-bodied, in India or the United States. All you know is that you get to take one ball out of a barrel with 580 crore balls in it.

And that is YOU!

Through dumb luck, you all and myself, were born in this great country, and we are forever grateful for this most important event.

You must consider yourselves immensely LUCKY for the staggering advantages this accident of birth has given to all of us.

It determines much more than what school you go to, how hard you work and all other kinds of things.

It is hard to deny the importance of Luck, Randomness, and Good Fortune in life.

Let us consider another story on “Hard Work.”

The Story of Project 523 - The Professor of the Three No’s ~ The Chinese scientist Tu Youyou (First female citizen to receive Nobel Prize)

She was not Lucky!

She had no Postgraduate Degree, No Research Experience Abroad and No Membership in any Chinese National Academies.

She was a HARD WORKER – Persistent; Diligent and Purpose Driven.

She did not give up and saved millions of lives by discovering ARTEMISININ (Quinghasu): the anti-malarial medication.

In June 2019, Tu and her research team proposed that Artemisinin is still “the best weapon” against malaria, the world’s No.1 insect-borne infectious disease.

So, what determines Success?

Hard Work or Good Fortune? Effort or Randomness?

I think we all understand both factors play a role, but I would like to give you a better answer than “It depends.”

Absolute Success is Luck; Relative Success is Choices & Habits.

As a rule, the wilder the success, the more extreme and unlikely the circumstances that caused it.

It is often a combination of the right genes, the right connections, the right timing, and a thousand other influences that nobody is wise enough to predict.